Mabast King Come Again With His New Music Video – HoSa

Mabast King Come Again With His New Music Video – HoSa

  • Music
  • November 15, 2021

Mabast Bahaden, better known by his stage name Mabast King, is an Iraqi content creator. Mabast King is a rising celebrity and blossoming content creator who has been delighting his fans with his unique and amusing films. Please tell us more about his rise to stardom.

Mabast King was born in Erbil, Kurdistan, on the 27th of January 1999. In 2021, he will be 22 years old. He is an Islamic believer. Mabast King was born under the sign of Sagittarius. As a Sagittarian, he despises slowing things down. Mabast King is confident, upbeat, and outspoken, and he tends to exaggerate and make everything, good or negative, seem more significant than it is.

Mabast King is a developing content producer who likes to engage with his audience via social media platforms. Mabast entertains his audience by making funny and imaginative films. All his videos are well-received by his admirers.

Mabast King has a YouTube account with the same name. As of 2021, he has 290,000 subscribers. In most of his films, Mabast King enlists the assistance of a monkey he refers to as his best buddy. Pushql was his name. He started his YouTube channel to offer his ideas and perspectives. With time, his YouTube channel evolves into an online community for him.

Mabast King has a significant social media following. On Instagram, he has more than 20,000 followers. He has a TikTok account as well. At such a young age, Mabast King has reached unprecedented heights in his profession. He has attained what many aspire to through consistent efforts.’

Recently he launched a new video song named HoSa.

In that song, he introduces himself as Ramo Kurdish and saw Mabast was sitting with a cigarette.

When he wanted to ask him what he was doing. Mabast seemed a bit sad and told Ramo to leave him alone. When he asked him the reason for being sad, he said that he will tell it from the beginning.

In his reply, Mabast said that we’re all in the same sack. Because you haven’t grown up yet, you don’t comprehend these words, but words aren’t essential; understanding is. Whoever comes to smell it, let it sniff before the storm gets it. Everyone is like the drunk people having no sense. They enjoy doing nasty things.  They like terrible behaviour. There are social media, which will grow worse and worse, everyone is busy in social media and forget to live life. People don’t use cabs or buses because his life is full of bumps; Mabast was attempting to convey the message that if we live like that, our lives are over; if we live like that, our life is finished.

According to Mabast, he wants everyone to understand why he left for such a long period and has attempted to explain the reasons for his departure. He tried to explain that Kurdistan is in danger because social media is washing Kurdish minds, thus it has impacted them, and he wants to warn people about the noises they have heard on Kurdish social media.