Port Said: A Trading Hub and Tourist Spot on the Mediterranean Sea in Egypt

Port Said: A Trading Hub and Tourist Spot on the Mediterranean Sea in Egypt

As the name suggests, “Port” means a harbor to which and from which goods are imported and exported and visitors use it to travel from or to a place or a city or a country.

The question now is, who is this port named after? Port Said city is named after the Egyptian Khedive (ruler), Muhammad Said who decided to establish it as a trading center.

What is the first thing that comes to mind when Port Said is thought of as your tourist destination? Once Port Said is mentioned, a number of things come to mind: the sea breeze, fresh fish, brand apparel as well as food items and patriotism.

Sea Breeze

Located on the northern end of the Suez Canal, when you travel to Port Said, do not miss a walk on its beautiful beach and enjoy the tantalizing peaceful sea breeze.

Whatever burdens or negativity you have been recently experiencing, take it from me, a walk by the sea during the sunset is all that you need to get away from it all.

Add a hint of tranquility to your day during your visit to Port Said with a solitary walk on the beach or a good company of your loved ones. Truly, the sea view in Port Said is charming.

Overwhelmed with thoughts? A walk by the sea is just what the doctor ordered! Just give it a try, and you won’t regret it!

Fresh Seafood – Fried, Salted, Barbecued and Boiled

When you are in Port Said, there are several can’t-miss spots to dine and feast at. Seafood is on top of the list. Fresh fish and shellfish are served in various restaurants with a wide range of recipes that are worth trying.

My mouth is watering just talking about the host of ways of serving fish in Port Said restaurants. The secret ingredient they have is irresistible; it is what gives their freshly-made dishes a competitive advantage. A personal preference – being a keen visitor to Port Said on a yearly basis – is El Borg restaurant for Seafood. I highly recommend it if you are a seafood lover. They serve various seafood dishes. Enjoy the sea view and the most enticing dining experience at El Borg restaurant. Their barbecued jumbo shrimps are a must try!

Interested in barbecuing and partying with your loved ones? Fish is sold fresh in Port Said Fish Market; a wide range of fish is sold at affordable prices. The new Fish Market there is located on one of Port Said busiest streets – Al Nasr Street. You can’t miss it!

Brand Clothes and Footwear

Apparel outdoor markets (souks) are one of Port Said’s landmarks. Whoever visits Port Said gets a real bargain. Brand clothes are half-price.

For bargain hunters, loads of outdoor markets and shops in Port Said are there for them to get good deals.

Brand footwear as well as handbags are also a good buy. Willing to fill your wardrobe with some brand new clothing items, Port Said clothes shops and souks are your perfect destination.  

Being a trading spot, Port Said is regarded by traders and sellers as a provider of a wide range of goods that are sold at a low price (mostly half-price); and this gives them the opportunity to buy those products at a relatively low price and sell them at a high price based on the quality of clothes material and brand.

For chocoholics, international fine chocolate brands are sold in Port Said at an affordable price. Chocolate is selling like hot cakes in Port Said. Buy some quality chocolate there and get them sold at the same price in the market and make profits.

If not for business matters, just buy some clothes and chocolate and offer them to your loved ones and close friends when you arrive back to your homeland or hometown.

And do not forget to pamper yourself and buy some for your own. A little bit of selfishness would do no harm!

Patriotism Manifested in Port Said Military Museum

Tracing the history of Port Said people’s devotion to their homeland against conquerors and enemies, Port Said Military Museum is an iconic part of the city of dignity and patriotism.

It has life parts of weapons and plane wrecks, serving as evidence of how patriotic Port Said people and soldiers have always been.

The museum is a must visit. It takes you back to the days when Egypt was conquered by enemies and how devoted Port Said people were at the time as they stood against those rivals and taught them a tough lesson in devotion towards their homeland – Egypt.

Port Said had faced a great deal of wars. But war has come to an end thanks to Port Said courageous people and soldiers who are without doubt patriotic.

Tour Port Said Museum and touch upon those enormous feelings of devotion, patriotism and self-sacrifice. History is made by those who love their motherland.

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A two-day trip to Port Said is a good option! Why don’t you give it a shot and trust me, once you stay there for a couple of days, you would be hungry for more visits to come.

Whoever visits Port Said feels nostalgic and wishes they could spend some extra time there. Port Said is one of Egypt’s tourist attractions.  

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