Magic Manor & WGT Gamers Online Interview Recap

Magic Manor & WGT Gamers Online Interview Recap

On 22/4, Magic Manor held a community meeting with the WGT Gamers leader Jazzie, The following is the transcript of the interview.

Hereinafter, J stands for Jazzie and M stands for Magic Manor.

J: Hi I am jazzie from WGT Gamers,glad to be here to know this amazing project!

M: Welcome to Magic Manor world,what do u want to know buddy?

J: Can you briefly talk about how the game will be played by us and how the entire economic cycle is?

M: In Magic Manor, the land is the most valuable asset.You can either grow your own land yourself or rent it to others for a commission. If you plant it yourself, you can maximize the income. If you have less time, renting it to others will not affect the overall income.

If you don’t own a land, you can get seeds at a low cost in the early stage, and then rent other people’s land for planting. The yield of different seeds is different. The most rare seeds can provide tens of thousand APY to you,of course, the supply of such seeds is extremely small. But even a common mystery box seed can more than 200 APY.

After harvesting the fruit, you can get BUSD by selling the fruit, or you can synthesize various props through the fruit, and then use the props to increase the income or synthesize the corresponding land for planting, so as to achieve the overall internal economic cycle.

J: thks, it’s clear for me to understand now. so, When will the land NFT go on sale, and what is the sale plan?

M: The total supply of Genesis Land NFTs is limited to 500. It is planned to be sold in three phases. The phase1 will be sold simultaneously on multiple third-party platforms such as tofunft. Only whitelisted users can participate in the Phase1 sale. The price is 2500 BUSD. The Phase2 is planned to be publicly sold on the Binance NFT. The sale price is expected to be 3500–5000 BUSD. The price of the Phase3 will be determined according to the situation.

J: Nice, I checked your twitter and found that the Beta test will launched soon,what’s the exact time for launching and if everyone which submmited address will have the chance to test?

M: This test is a file deletion test, and every submitted address can participate in the test.of course it’s free. After the test, the first rank 50 players can get a free mystery box gift in the next official version. The test opening time is 8:00 am on April 23rd, New York time. Before that, we will transfer the test tokens to each google form collected address.

J: Wow ~ that’s great work man!next,can you briefly explain why Magic Manor was developed?

M: Magic Manor is an innovation of Meta Empire in GameFi, and it is also our first experiment in the field of GameFi.We believe that the current GameFi field mainly has the following problems:

1. Shoddy production, from a standard definition of Game, most of them are unqualified

2. More Fi but less Game, and more blockchain games are like a Ponzi game with no continuity

3. Almost every game has a Token, and some even have multiple Tokens. In most cases, these tokens do not bring a certain improvement to the game experience, but increase the complexity of the game and the chaos of the entire economic system.

4. The threshold of some chain games is too high, which is not easy for ordinary players to understand and accept, which is not conducive to market communication

Therefore, our team has the idea of creating a chain game that is easy to get started, has a relatively simple economic structure, and exquisite graphics. If it can be successful, we can build a comprehensive distribution platform for chain games based on the accumulation of early players.Thanks,done.

J: Seems Magic Manor has a powerful and great future! Then, i’m curious about Meta Empire which you mentioned, Can you talk about what is Meta Empire?

M: Meta Empire is a blockchain Labs founded in 2019. It consists of a group of tech geeks and a Middle East VC. The team has developed several blockchain products, including wallet BinanceWallet (, encrypted social chat payment software Ispay (, decentralized NFT trading market (previously serving Magic Manor), etc., Our products have more than 100k existing users, and of course,we’ll launch Magic Manor farm development game soon.

J: At least from a development point of view, Meta Empire is nice team!How about the team?where are they from?

M: Magic Manor’s team comes from China and the UK. The Chinese development team comes from well-known Internet technology companies such as Momo and NetEase Games. The British developers previously worked for Eidos, a well-known game manufacturer that developed Tomb Raider. With the combined team of game technology companies from both countries, we are confident to plan for future development goals.Thanks,done.

J: wow,i believe the game will grow fast with this expirenced strong team!Why develop a Non-token GameFi game, and what advantages?

M: Before developing MagicManor, we have learned about many GameFi products. We have experienced from chain games with hundreds of thousands of users to millions of users. We have concluded a rule: the token value of chain games does not change with the value of chain games. It will continue to rise with the development of the game, but will gradually decline and collapse after reaching a bottleneck growth point. This is the case for the vast majority of chain games, and because the chain game Token is held by early investors, all development based on the game has to take into account the value of the Token, so that the creative ideas of the development team are limited by the priority that must be given to stimulating the Token. demand, thus ignoring the playability of the game, which does not meet the definition of Game, we just want to make a Game, and the Fi in it is a by-product.

MagicManor is a purer GameFi product, without considering how to develop some unnecessary game parts and functions in order to stimulate the demand for Token. It can be developed according to the established route. After accumulating a certain number of users, the Meta Empire Token will be issued when everything is ready.

J: OK, a dream team! Last question, what’s the plan for Meta Empire?

M: The land sector will be opened in the Q2 of this year, and the construction of the marine ecological sector and the urban sector will be opened in Q3 and Q4. The current game content only accounts for a small part of the entire game system, and there are more novelties waiting for you to discover in the future. You can give full play to your creativity and travel in the Magic Manor metaverse.

Next year, we will start to build the Meta Empire metaverse game distribution platform, which can be understood as the Steam of the chain games, a platform integrating payment, cross-chain, distribution, and evaluation, and the API/SDK are being tested.

J: Thank you for your answers. I think Magic Manor is an innovation in the chain games, and it may become a star game in the future.I wish you guys a great future!

  • The following questions were asked by community members

Q: Hi, this is Zain, I have a question about the magic manor Website, is it completely online now?

A: Not exactly. There are a few more changes soon. for example, the languages, videos. but the Beta Test will not be affected

Q: so how about information on the website, can we get it all the information from website?

A: yes. you can check the wiki:

Q: Alright ! that’s nice. So what are the activities on international social platform?

A: As we planned, we’ll keep doing community activities to ensure the growing of our players. for example, the nearest activity is the mystery boxes airdrop.

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