Make 90% of your problems disappear

Make 90% of your problems disappear

It has been scientifically proven that 90% of thoughts that occupy most minds are those that do not necessarily matter. 

These thoughts include things that do not matter in the long run and are often filled with emotions that do not particularly deserve attention. 

These thoughts strangle every ounce of positive energy that our mind has to offer. Thus, undermining the potential for success. There are very few people in the world that are able to fend off these thoughts and focus on achieving their goals. In most cases, these “few” are part of the 10% of the world population who are the most successful people on the planet. 

Do not get me wrong, accomplished people all over the world have also had to fight the plaguing forces of fear, guilt, worry, self-pity, and negativity before they can create their beautiful masterpiece. But getting over this negativity is a huge driver behind their success.

If you want to perform at a higher level, there are three things that you have to do. First, you need to raise your level of awareness. Know what your goals are and what you want to do. Secondly, do not hesitate to challenge yourself. Set goals that are bigger than you and what you can accomplish. Thirdly, you must train your mind to be able to focus on one goal, amidst the clutter of thoughts that might run through your head. 

It is quite unfortunate that these things are not taught in the classrooms of our schools today. That is why most people are not equipped with the supplementary skills to be able to tackle these issues. 

However, there is a place outside the conventional learning environment where these skills are being thought. Unknown to most, these things had been figured out already centuries ago. They have been proven to be super successful and unquestionable in their effectiveness. The answer is simple: Traditional Martial Arts.

Traditional Martial Arts equip learners with the skills that they can use tackle the problem of concentration and so many other related problems.

My name is Sensei Marcus Hinschberger. I own Tokon Martial Arts with my wife, Sensei Christina. Over the past years, we have amassed enough experience that makes us authorities in the business of self-development for children and adults.

We have taught literally thousands of students, around the world, how to set goals and accomplish them. We also help our students increase their level of confidence and build their self-esteem. By assisting students in learning how to improve their focus, we help them learn how to persevere and have more grit.

At Tokon Martial Arts, an inspiring and “high-achiever” atmosphere that would keep your children on track is assured.

If you reach black belt level at Tokon Martial Arts, you will have done what most others will never do or accomplish.

You will have not only a different outlook on life but a strong sense of willpower that will be your most valuable tool for your life and career. Concentration and relaxation are ways through which we can fight these plaguing thoughts that undermine success. Incidentally, martial arts help boost this skillset.

​Enroll yourself and your family today and begin to tackle the challenge that is before you.

What are you waiting for?  The best time to grow is NOW.

​Procrastination is a loser’s game!

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Sensei Marcus is also the CEO of Taitoku Training. A coaching company that teaches self-development and self-transformation, team training & leadership. As a result of his coaching as a martial arts expert, CEOs increase their productivity, improve their efficiency, confidence, focus, and potential in a sustainable way. Through his teachings, companies can improve their communication, productivity, teamwork, profits and expand their market share. If you know a CEO or corporation that wants to take it to the next level, please visit ​Taitoku Training or contact Sensei Marcus directly at