Mariana Donnelly Is Thriving By Doing What She Loves Most

Mariana Donnelly Is Thriving By Doing What She Loves Most

When finding a career in what you love doing, it can be challenging. But for some, the right choice just clicks. For Mariana Donnelly, an up and coming top influencer, she managed to find her calling at a very young age. 

Mariana was born in Minneapolis, MN and has been brought up in a close family atmosphere. Her parents noticed that she had a lot of natural passion for dancing and modeling, so they put Mariana into dance classes and signed her with a modeling agency when she was just two years old!  Later, the family moved to LA and Mariana also became interested in acting. Since then she has been building her career path as a well-known model, actor, dancer and influencer.

Some of her greatest accomplishments so far has been working with well known celebrities such as Tiffany Haddish, Afro B, French Montana, Pentatonix, Whitney Houston, Travis Scott, and Rosalia. 

For now, Mariana is located in Los Angeles, CA, and is furthering her career as a TikTok sensation. We asked Mariana what is the most rewarding part about what she does. She said, “The most rewarding part about making content is that I love the fact I can just be myself and make products come to life”. 

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