Mark Rios aka Mr. Dripping Paints Piece For Will Smith

Mark Rios aka Mr. Dripping Paints Piece For Will Smith

Originally from Barcelona, Spain, Mark Rios, better known as his social media name Mr. Dripping, has stolen the hearts of thousands of individuals across the world. Initially starting as a fashion designer, Mr. Dripping came across his own unique style of portrait art by accident. His style has been recognized by famous people like Chris Brown, Neymar Jr, Major Lazer, Nyjah Huston, Sara Sampaio, Cindy Kimberly, Nieves Alvarez, and Will Smith, among others.

Mr. Dripping’s unique approach to portrait art is called “Dripping,” just as his name suggests. Dripping is a technique originally developed by Max Ernst in Germany and later used by American artist Jackson Pollock. It consisted of flicking large portions of ink onto a canvas and forming harmonious shapes. Mr. Dripping found inspiration in need of giving a figurative form to the abstracts of Pollock. Through hours of practice, the lines began to make sense, where body silhouettes and faces were captured in a spontaneous moment of free movements. “The action of painting becomes art itself.”

One of Mr. Dripping’s most recent art pieces was a live portrait making for the infamous Will Smith. The artist had the privilege of drawing a live piece for the decorated actor. The creative made sure to follow all COVID rules, creating a space that was well aware of social distancing. He worked in a naturally lit white room as Smith watched his portrait get drawn in real-time. The piece of art was very well received, and the process ended with a hug. The experience was documented and posted to Mr. Dripping’s Youtube page.  

You can watch the video below:

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