OX FLY will become the leader in the new generation of distributed storage

OX FLY will become the leader in the new generation of distributed storage

Since last year, the entire blockchain market has ushered in a turbulent bull market, blooming everywhere, and hot spots continue. Among them, the combination of the distributed storage field and other fields has also become one of the needs of the industry.

However, all this is still a challenge for many developers and users.

OX FLY is the first one-stop integrated platform that technically integrates the three functions of wallet, exchange and storage.

The OX FLY platform includes a full ecological layout of decentralized exchanges, asset management platforms, mortgage lending platforms, ecological governance, aggregate mining, insurance, contract transactions, oracles, blockchain games, etc., serving the increasing needs of users .

The technical team and consultants of OX FLY are a group of experienced professionals with relevant experience in blockchain, artificial intelligence, investment and other industries. Most of them have worked in leading companies in many fields such as Binance, ETH Foundation, BLACKROCK, Microsoft, Deloitte, etc. The gathering of a group of outstanding people is a market-leading beacon.

OX FLY’s business model is also very clear. The goal is to become a leader in the field of distributed storage through a unique consensus mechanism, business model, economic model, ecological strategy and governance structure, so that blockchain storage can break through the shackles and develop into a new pattern. , And provide a key role for the development of other blockchain storage systems.

Of course, the key technology to achieve all of this is the consensus mechanism. Under the premise of POC storage and mining, OX FLY adopts the DPOS+POC mechanism as the consensus mechanism for distribution, and has been better optimized to avoid the equipment perfectly. The direct contradiction between efficiency and resource allocation has greatly improved the mining model in the blockchain 3.0 era.

At the same time, OX FLY pioneered a digital currency global payment gateway. The gateway is an interface provider between Huitong’s global system and real currencies. It provides users with the functions of recharge, withdrawal and transfer. When making global payments and remittances, the system will automatically help users choose The best exchange rate to complete the payment with the most efficient processing speed.

OX FLY is an absolutely open platform for developers and users. Anyone can become a governance node through the pledge economy. At the same time, any third-party blockchain storage system joining the OXFLY ecosystem can obtain key technical capabilities and thus obtain more token revenue.

The rise of OX FLY is not accidental. Although not many people in China have heard of it, it has affected many people overseas. It is understood that many blockchain projects at home and abroad have reached cooperation with Niu Feile OX FLY. These partners include EasyFi, UniLend, NEM Group, StakeHound, e-Money, Fire Protocol, Metanyx, IOST, Tezos, etc.

A high-quality partnership will bring more opportunities and user groups to OX FLY, continue to grow the OX FLY ecosystem, and help OX FLY become a leader in the new generation of distributed storage.