Matt Ti talks about the minimum tax on profits

Matt Ti talks about the minimum tax on profits

Growing business opportunities

Matt Ti : Dubai is the center of international trade. Based on the 2020 Global Power Index (GPCI), the city is among the top 20 cities in the world and is considered a strong business hub for Asia, Africa and Europe, attracting businesses from all over the world. The very progressive mentality of the Dubai authorities offers a suitable and promising framework for nurturing and growing businesses in a free enterprise system. The authorities of this city have considered the right conditions for business in a very favorable way for everyone. An extraordinary economic growth is predicted for Dubai in the coming years. Events such as Expo 2020 are a confirmation of Dubai’s commitment to economic growth. Aggressive investment in this growing market will certainly bring many benefits.

Minimum profit tax

Matt Ti : One of the main reasons for investing in Dubai is the favorable tax conditions of this city. The government of Dubai does not impose taxes on the profits from investments. There is no capital gains tax for individuals and unlike any other country, your dividend income is not taxed in the UAE. Capital gains from investments in the UAE are subject to little or no tax. Only property investors may need to pay municipal property tax. However, the tax rate in most cases does not exceed 5%, which is negligible compared to other parts of the world.

Dubai also ensures an uncompromising lifestyle and freedom for all and treats all classes equally. The Emirate of Dubai has strong international connections and world-class infrastructure. People all over the world are eagerly waiting to invest their money in Dubai considering the city’s lucrative future.