Mayank Singh Rajput is all set to launch his new song “Rooh-afza” sung by Aashi Rana

Mayank Singh Rajput is all set to launch his new song “Rooh-afza” sung by Aashi Rana

How Can You Measure Someone’s success in the field of music? Is it the number of followers one has on Social Media or is it the number of likes? Can it be the number of times a popular artist recommended or even commented on the music, or is it just the content? Mayank Singh Rajput has a different outlook altogether.

Mayank Singh Rajput is a young entrepreneur and talented man from Bihar, India. Won hearts of millions in the music and Digital World with his astounding personality and charm and mesmerizing art and breathtaking performance.

Mayank was born in a Middle-Class Family In Forbesganj, Bihar on 10 May 1998. The Journey of Mayank was not so easy, He started his professional life at a very young age as a social Media Manager and Digital Entrepreneur. He also owns a digital media agency named The Digital Hunters. Mayank is the CEO & Founder of The Digital Hunters, now a global social media marketing agency.
“The focus should always be on the quality of the work, and personal satisfaction. The rest will follow,” he said (although he has blue ticked all the above-stated benchmarks).
Mayank is all set to drop a new song soon titled Roohafza. With some Questions, team KC Media was able to get some exclusive Trivia of the song.

The time when everyone is depressed due to the current pandemic situation; Mayank Singh Rajput took it as a challenge by working on self-improvement and self-exploration.

In Oct- Nov, He Revealed that he is about to launch his debut song Rooh Afza.
Rooh Afza Is a Punjabi song, Which is sung by Punjabi actor and Singer Aashi Rana are also present in this Respectively with Co Actor Aarti Sharma. Aashi Rana’s fist song Crop also get views of more than 500k, Aarti Sharma last song Feeling cross 150 million on youtube.

Mayank is very active in the Indian Artist and influencer community, attending social events and meet-ups and he is also widely recognized as a content creator.

Once he settled down with his business, he tried to give a chance to his artist in him. and luckily was able to gain a good response on social media. With the current lockdown, Mayank has got time to shape his song Rooh Afza in the best way and he is confident that this song will go viral once it hits into the digital world. Well, let’s see how things would move, but at the moment he is busy preparing for a smashing Great launch of his First song after giving his debut song in flying colors. He has kept the fingers crossed to keep things moving in the right direction.