9 Unique Ways to use Technology in the Classroom

9 Unique Ways to use Technology in the Classroom

Do you know using technology in the classroom is making a student’s life more easy and creative? This ease is empowering students to realize their responsibilities. It is providing space to understand the real use of social media. Moreover, it also increases student enthusiasm phases and concentration with lectures. Not only this but also technology can boost contact among students and teachers. It will establish an enriched understanding environment. Moreover, there are no limits on the directions to use it. If you want to know the ways of exactly how to use technology in the classroom, then you are on the right page!

In this three-minutes article, we’ll learn about the ways and the main things that should be ignored while using technology in the classroom. So, let’s learn about it without any holdups!

9 Easy Ways to Use Technology in the Classroom 

The easiest and unique ways include: –

  1. Digital space trips.
  2. Gamified learning.
  3. Incorporate social media.
  4. Generating digital content.
  5. Collect pupil acknowledgment.
  6. Using a sorted, online classroom calendar.
  7. Survey and critique webpages.
  8. Integrate video and multimedia into lectures and presentations.
  9. Online actions for pupils who complete work first.

An overview of each way, as mentioned above, is described below:

Digital space trips

It is a useful tool which is used to discover various national and international landmarks. This tool is offered by Google Street View and other apps that will provide a virtual environment in the classroom to experience satisfaction and a real setting. It is a good tool because students find different locations with interest and attention.

Gamified learning

It is a way of learning with fun and excitement! Gamified learning is a method of playing games through typing. And we know that typing plays an important role in advanced education. This thing will help you to improve your typing skills, and it will also help you to become faster than ever. 

Incorporate social media 

It is a way of making connections with your classmates to discuss the topics. You can make groups on Facebook, Twitter, and such types of other social media apps to study with a team. 

Generating digital content

It is a way of creating content on the topics that a student is learning about! These contents give the idea of how to write and work on social media blogs, web pages, magazines, etc.

Collect pupil Acknowledgment

This way should be performed by the teachers to know that the students are learning and performing well or not. Online polls and surveys can do this. 

Using a sorted, online classroom calendar

The online classroom calendar plays an important role to make the students punctual. Teachers should update the assignments, and additional tasks in the Google calendar and this online classroom calendar must be shared with the students as well as with parents. 

Survey and critique webpages

Teachers should update the students about the good website resource to get exact and proper information. And students also have to review the web page before taking any kind of data.

Integrate video and multimedia into lectures and presentations

Students should perform virtual presentations weekly. This presentation should have visual effects, photos/videos, background music, slideshows, etc.

Online actions for pupils who complete work first

If a student has completed his or her work earlier without any problem, then they should have the permission to perform online activities such as educational games, etc.

Things that must be ignored while using Technology

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