Meet DamianDZN – A Top Owner, Designer, and Marketer in the Esports/Business Realms

Meet DamianDZN – A Top Owner, Designer, and Marketer in the Esports/Business Realms

Damian Lopez (born: May 3, 1999), known as DamianDZN, is a professional graphic designer, developer, and marketer. He is the Creative Director at Dava Marketing (, and an Owner of Clarix Esports (,

Damian is a well oriented design expert in multiple areas, with professional experience in social media creation, website design, manipulation, esports and content creation. He also expands into broader fields like SEO and Media Management.

As a perfect circle he can execute any task by designing and or editing in Adobe Photoshop, Adobe Illustrator, Adobe Premiere Pro, After Effects, and Cinema4D. He attended Utah Valley University ( for Digital Cinema.

He also branches into the Software Development aspect, being certified in IOS Development Swift and SwiftUI. He also attended Mountainland Technical College ( Damian also has experience in web development on Wix, SquareSpace, and Shopify.

He is driven by Design, Esports and the things that fall deep into his own personal connections. Working with top content creators like Ryan Higa, Jake Paul, Faze Kay, and Faze Jarvis. As well as the top Esports team Clarix. He is heavily driven in the gaming and Esport community.

DamianDZN began his career as an Entrepreneur, Video Editor, and Graphic Designer. He became the Creative Director at Dava marketing and Owner of Clarix Esports (, and a very popular graphic designer to work with over 100 different YouTubers. This is the reason for his well rounded design experience in many different niches. He has pushed himself to become a top influence in the Esports world.

He has a team of Graphic Designers that work with 100+ YouTubers and or businesses at Dava Marketing.

DamianDZN’s career leaped after he started working with Dava who is now the #1 video editing subscription service in the world and Clarix Esports who is a top contender in the gaming realm. Dava works with some of the biggest creators on YouTube and Twitch. He has big recognition in the Esports scene.

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