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Tejaswani Saraswat with her right blend of attitude and confidence wants to rock in the modeling world || The Unstoppable Magazine ||

Modeling is all about showcasing your attitude and confidence with all your swag. It’s about your presence of mind, backed with a perfect body with right shape and great persona. In a sense, it can be called as a culmination of several traits that make all the difference. 22 years old Tejaswani Saraswat from Agra is an aspiring model and she feels that she has the knack along with the right kind of attitude, experience and the right kind of feel in order to become a successful model. 

The young and dashing woman has a short stint in the modeling world, while she is all set to be the part of this world working in ransom schedules and getting engaged in wee hours, beating the working hours found with other career choices. She claims that she always had a keen interest in the fashion world, however, she never felt that she had the right shape or size for carrying out the modeling work.  This made her enter into this career choice. 

She wants to pursue this career working in a full-fledged way, getting positive feedback around the campaigns she will pursue in the near future. She had done a couple of small campaigns and she did participate with all her vigour and confidence getting good feedback for the same. She wants to continue with this and aspire to get bigger ones in the coming times. She claims to be a committed and loyal model and can travel extra miles to give the best to her clients and their brands. She values work ethic and remains very much honest and flexible when it comes to working with her clients.