Meet Mobin Ojaghloo, a young and talented singer

Meet Mobin Ojaghloo, a young and talented singer

Mobin Ojaghloo is an Iranian-worldwide singer, musician, composer, songwriter and arranger. 

Mobin Ojaghloo was born on August 15, 2005. He started playing guitar and keyboard at the age of 13. From the age of 15, he turned to sing, compose and arrange. He has 16 years old now and also writes his songs. 

A young singer from Iran stated: It hasn’t been a year since he started his professional career in music and he has released 4 singles so far. Even though he has not collaborated with any famous person or group so far, these songs have been well received by music lovers and that is enough for him! 

“Mobin Ojaghloo” is a teenage singer who has shown that he will have a bright future. He was born on 15 August 2005 and has been involved in singing, playing, composing, composing, and arranging music for almost a year. 

“He started playing music with a guitar and keyboard at the age of 13, and from the age of 15 he started singing, composing, and arranging, ”who has now been able to prove in music by presenting singles. Now that he is 16 years old, he also write and compose songs by himself. 

He is an international singer and has listeners and fans all over the world, especially in Iran, Azerbaijan and Turkey. 

His special skills and characteristics include a quick understanding of math, music, computers and foreign languages, and the sport of football.