Meet Nenad Korof: An Entrepreneur Making Millions By Crypto Trading

Meet Nenad Korof: An Entrepreneur Making Millions By Crypto Trading

“Money with Neno” or Nenad Korof, a Serbian-Canadian, is an entrepreneur, mentor, trader, philanthropist, and angel investor. He has earned the nickname from profitable trades of different nature. Despite the luxurious life that he lives, Nenad remains humble and down to earth which is the true self of his personality. Nemad Korof recently launched Advance Cryto Academy – the #1 Online Platform in the US for Crypto and Forex Trading. This platform has already attracted more than 16,000 members to date and the number is increasing more with every single passing day.

Even though he is a successful man today, Nemad had to face a lot of hardships while growing up. When he was just 2 years old, his family immigrated from Serbia during a war in 1992. With his mother working night shits, he understood the importance of money at a very young age. He had big dreams and would voluntarily help his father out at his shop. While working the shop, he would learn about the lifestyle of the ultra-rich; from 20,000–30,000 sqft mansions to gold-plated ceilings and architecture. Nemad was greatly influenced by this lifestyle and wanted to achieve that for himself.

He attended college but he dropped out after 2 months realizing the traditional education system was not enough for fulfilling his ultimate goal. While trying to achieve his goals, he came across two books titled “Rich Dad Poor Dad” and “Think and Grow Rich” which completely changed his mindset. At the age of 19, he became the youngest person in the head office of a company that generated $2.2 million in revenue and Nenad took home $50,000 after taxes. It was the 3rd largest MLM forex company in North America. During those days, he asked himself “Do I want to be staring at a screen for the next 50 years of my life and be miserable?”

And then comes the moment which would change his life forever. One day while scrolling through his Instagram feed, he came across a rich person and decided to message him asking about his profession. The person invited Nenad for a meeting and he was introduced to the world of Forex Trading. Immediately he knew this is the opportunity he was waiting for. He started trading but was unsuccessful during the initial years which led him to be $50K in debt. Then he decided to take a break from Forex and focus on other business ventures. He was quite successful at those businesses, still, he was not content.

He left those businesses and started again with Forex. This time he knew more about trading and figured out the exact steps for trading Forex. That’s when Nenad’s growth accelerated to a million per month. He was determined to have a million dollars and a supercar by his 23rd birthday and he achieved that a week before. Since then he has ventured into many businesses including Cryptocurrency, blockchain, etc and all of those were huge successes.

In just 9 months, Nenad earned his first million trading cryptocurrencies and help people achieve the same, he has started Advanced Crypto Academy. He helps people learn about the psychology and analytics behind the financial markets – whether it is Crypto or Forex. He is an angel investor also a major shareholder in a champagne company called Ballers Champagne.

He aims to be a billionaire by 30 and become a motivational thought leader and teach people psychology and program their minds for greatness. Nenad wants to start working on innovative technologies and solve the world’s two of the biggest problems: war and hunger. If he stays on the path he is on right now, it can easily be concluded that Nemad will find his way to success and achieve more.