Thriving Entrepreneur, Bryce Cleveland, Shares His Success Tips

Thriving Entrepreneur, Bryce Cleveland, Shares His Success Tips

Bryce Cleveland is the founder and CEO of the world-leading company for online training and supplies within the aesthetic industry. His multi-million dollar business has been able to help thousands of individuals around the world also find their success. Bryce Cleveland is going to share some of his tips when it comes to business and how he built his “empire.”  

Prior to his impressive aesthetic educational platform, Bryce Cleveland owned a company called Scalp Aesthetics which grew into the current company, Scalpa. But this hasn’t been his only company. Bryce Cleveland has always been an entrepreneur at heart, starting with when he dropped out of high school and was dedicated to learning about business on his own. He created dozens of businesses along the way, some of which were a success and others that were not. 

“Success doesn’t happen without some failure. Failure helps you learn, it helps you grow,” says Bryce Cleveland. It is easy to get discouraged when you fail, or when something doesn’t go how you planned, but Bryce Cleveland emphasizes the importance of getting out there and trying because “doing nothing will get you nowhere.” 

One of the common reasons businesses fail and something Bryce Cleveland also experienced is investing your time and money into building a business that you are not passionate about. “I didn’t know my passion until after a few business failures. I discovered that my passion and my purpose was helping others. I wanted to give individuals around the world their own opportunity for success,” he says. “When I did this, I was able to succeed because I wanted to do it, it was no longer work.” When you find your passion and your purpose, Bryce Cleveland describes that you will begin to see your vision and “it will start to become more clear to you.” 

When starting a business, it isn’t just about what you know, Bryce Cleveland also expresses the importance of who you know. “Connect with others around you, others in the same industry, ask questions, watch closely, and learn from them,” says Cleveland. He suggests connecting with others through media outlets, conferences, meetups, and even finding a mentor to follow closely. 

Bryce Cleveland says that once you find your passion, purpose, and put your ideas to work, you will begin to learn, you may fail, but you will ultimately succeed. “There is a lot of learning when it comes to success. It isn’t all stuff you can learn in a book or analytics, it is also learning about yourself,” he says. 

Even successful businesses don’t go without hardships. Cleveland explains how even though he has found his success, there are still “curveballs” and a lot for him to continue learning. “Things will come up that surprise you and discourage you. Take that as an opportunity to learn and continue growing,” he says. “Running a business is an ongoing learning process.” 

Bryce Cleveland has much more to say when it comes to running a business, finding your passion and purpose, and discovering yourself. If you are interested in learning more, check out his e-book How To Be A Business Savage: Building a thriving business by being you, now exclusively available on Amazon.