Megan Hallett Launches the First eLearning App Driven by Crypto

Megan Hallett Launches the First eLearning App Driven by Crypto

Megan Hallett – a tenured educator and a skilled crypto developer – has launched the award-winning EarlyBird app driven by a DeFi token. By combining SOWL Token with the EarlyBird app, she’s helping kids all over the world to learn while also helping token holders to grow their money.

The COVID-19 pandemic hit right in the middle of the school year, interrupting learning for students all over the world. Megan knew that the future of in-person schooling was uncertain. However, she also knew that the world was relying on technology to keep us connected and afloat in the middle of this unprecedented period. She seized the opportunity to combine her love of teaching with her technology skills by creating a token-driven eLearning app, EarlyBird.

“I always knew that the education sector was lacking in technology, but being forced to quarantine and teach remotely when COVID-19 hit really accentuated the problem,” says Megan. “I realized that eLearning was now more valuable than ever to nurture young children whose minds craved knowledge. Moreover, the crypto world needed a true utility product that was supported by a real tech asset.”

Megan designed the EarlyBird app specifically to serve the needs of children aged 1 to 8 years old. The app offers different levels of learning with specific topics like numbers, reading and shapes. EarlyBird also comes with “SpecTech” features including Artificial Intelligence, Augmented Reality and Video Tutoring.

The EarlyBird app and the SOWL Token drive each other. When EarlyBird users play on the app, they can earn SOWL Tokens that they can use to pay for new levels or buy products from the EarlyBird Mall. Likewise, SOWL Token holders can download the EarlyBird app and play some of the games to earn more tokens. As more people adopt the EarlyBird app, the value of the SOWL Token increases. Similarly, as more people buy the SOWL Token, the EarlyBird app gets even more popular.

Megan has also launched the SOWL Purpose – a program to fund learning for underprivileged children. For every $100 of tokens that someone buys, SOWL Token sponsors one child with a free semester of EarlyBird’s virtual education system.

SOWL Token is more than just a cryptocurrency. With the combination of SOWL Token and the EarlyBird app, Megan has built a platform that offers education equality for children worldwide.

To find out more about SOWL Token, you can connect with them on Facebook.