MSc – bring you wealth and freedom

MSc – bring you wealth and freedom

MSc is a distributed fund hedge blockchain platform. It is also a “fund hedge + blockchain” that master the underlying development technology of blockchain and has rich experience in financial market management and practice The core business of MSC is to solve the three core bottlenecks of the fund hedge derivatives trading market, such as lack of trust, low efficiency and limited liquidity, through the innovation and optimization of blockchain distributed consensus algorithm, smart contract technology and digital currency mechanism.

Do you know how billionaires manage their money? They certainly won’t put it under the bed. They will invest; but they don’t just invest in large currencies and ordinary people. They are more greedy than that (after all, they are billionaires). They choose hedge funds!

So what is a hedge fund?

You may say that you can’t understand the essence of technical details, but you can basically think of it as a company that has a lot of money and actively decides where to invest it. Sometimes you can change your mind hundreds of times a day. They are doing everything you can think of, such as buying stocks, shorting money, borrowing from the government, etc. everything is for one goal: maximizing returns. In the world of billionaire hedge funds, there is a subset called quantitative funds. These people have the same mantra: maximize returns, but they do it with brain mathematics, algorithms and computer code.

Origin of MSc

The project party of MSC was originally (mravitoken) He works for one of the quantitative hedge funds. He tries to make a billionaire earn more money every day. He is tired of trying to make a billionaire’s money by skills. He wants to do it for himself and his friends, but there is no billion dollars to do it. Besides, why not let more people suffer from this process? In a fair society, why not everyone Can you use these quantitative trading strategies that can change their lives?

It is also important to note that digital assets have developed rapidly since their launch, creating the myth of the Golden Globe digital asset market. In 2019, the total market value of digital currency exceeded US $254.9 billion, equivalent to Finland, the world’s 42nd GDP. In the past five years, the market value has increased nearly 50 times, and it is estimated that there are more than 10 million active investors. The data show that the world can trade in the secondary market There are nearly 2000 digital currency currencies traded in the exchange, nearly 200 exchanges and nearly 10000 types of transactions.

What do we need?

Liquidity. This is where MSc comes into play.

Setting up a hedge fund is difficult, dangerous and expensive. If you have never done it before, it is too complex. Especially when you try to create the world’s first community driven quantitative encryption asset manager. You don’t have a community, you don’t have liquidity, and I don’t know how to encode tokens before MSC, so how do we start a fund?

So MSC was born

A unique flexible supply token to attract the attention of the community, bring them into the long-term vision, raise liquidity for the fund and serve as a springboard to bigger things. Step by step.

You only need to hold 1U MSC to use the hedge fund. Ultra low participation threshold

The world’s first. The liquidity you add when purchasing MSC will be used for encrypted asset transactions. Imagine: our community’s own big bottom pool is used to trade 100 cryptocurrencies at the same time, all of which may increase tenfold overnight. All of these are selected by reliable mathematics and traded with high-frequency accuracy. Your income may be huge, not just one day But every day for the next 20 years. That’s what I call financial freedom.

MSC new ideas and technical support

MSc hopes to provide new ideas and technical support for the OTC hedging market in the fields of self-discipline mechanism construction and data supervision support

Improve the self-discipline and autonomy mechanism. Through dposa consensus algorithm and smart contract technology, every user can freely create contract templates and transaction contracts. The distributed quote mechanism provides asset quotation and result judgment. The whole network nodes participate in transaction default arbitration. The blockchain records the performance, contract, quotation, inquiry, judgment, arbitration and other activities of all participants on the platform Behavior data, and give MSc rewards to actively participating network nodes, so as to truly realize a decentralized, autonomous and self-discipline OTC fund hedging platform.

Improve the efficiency and quality of supervision. Based on blockchain, 7 * 24-hour network wide transparent supervision of trading funds based on public address is implemented. After the result is determined, the transaction clearing is automatically implemented by using smart contract technology to avoid the risk of fund misappropriation. Various transaction data in the OTC fund trading market are provided to the regulatory authorities in real time. The regulatory authorities do not need to send audit requirements to institutions one by one, nor do they need to Worry about the quality and practicality of the reported data, and effectively improve the regulatory efficiency and quality publicity of the OTC fund hedge market.

MSc profit and feedback characteristics

As a distributed risk hedging blockchain, MSC. Has a clear profit model. There are three main profit sources in the future business development:

Source of profitSpecify
Transaction feeAt the initial stage, a unified transaction fee of no more than 0.1% will be charged. Later, differentiated fee standards will be set for different types of contracts according to the transaction scale, and preferential measures will be set to varying degrees according to the annual transaction volume of users
Withdrawal feeWhen withdrawing the MSc in the margin account, the user needs to pay a certain amount of withdrawal handling fee to the platform
Currency locking feeIf the user is worried that the currency fluctuation of the MSC will affect the effect of hedging transactions, he can choose to use the currency locking service to lock the exchange rate of the MSc against a certain legal currency or digital currency until the contract expires. The currency fluctuation of the MSC has nothing to do with the user and is borne by the platform, but a certain proportion of the currency locking service fee of the platform needs to be paid

In addition, in addition to the delegate node of the production block, there are three types of roles that can continuously make profits on the MSC. Such a mechanism design is conducive to mobilizing the enthusiasm of various members and jointly promoting the business development of the platform

Development history of MSC blockchain

MSc blockchain will improve the fund hedge investment of MSC blockchain based on the development trend of the fund hedge market in the current market. In the future, based on Golden Globe International Investment, MSc blockchain will bring customers digital investment construction and value-added promotion of digital currency.

1. Recruit 30 fund ambassadors worldwide!

2. 100000 hedge users worldwide stopped participating in hedge financing

3. MSC private placement in parent currency will be opened to users first (the higher the level, the more open it will be)


Of course, there will be rewards for holding MSc before that. A portion of the final liquidity will be paid to the holder as a dividend. Then the rest is used as a springboard to enter quantitative trading.

If you sell your MSC, you may earn 1.5 times, or even 2 times, but you have the opportunity to become part of the financial revolution, your long-term financial freedom revolution