Mehdi Moslehi : Who is an entrepreneur?

Mehdi Moslehi : Who is an entrepreneur?

Entrepreneurship is a relatively old word with French roots.

The word entrepreneur is about three hundred years old, and the first people to consider the word entrepreneur and the concept of entrepreneurship were economists.

People like Richard Cantillon and Adam Smith used the word entrepreneur in the seventeenth and eighteenth centuries.

The history of entrepreneurship goes back a century

Although some people have been called entrepreneurs for about three hundred years, entrepreneurship, as we understand it (and is considered in disciplines such as entrepreneurship management), has only been around for about a century.

In other words, it is a coincidence that entrepreneurship is a science and that some people in universities are entrepreneurs or that people want to choose a path between employment and entrepreneurship and this choice is recognized as a serious question in the career path. It is relatively new and belongs to a recent century.