Men’s Shirts: How To Dress Like a Pro

Men’s Shirts: How To Dress Like a Pro

Men are often the bane of women’s existence, as fashion seems to be a word that does not belong in the male vocabulary. Although with the trend of the times, men’s fashion is getting to the front of the line, brands are looking more into how the menfolk should look like, be it for personal or professional use.

But what are the things that people should look for in men’s shirts? Here are tips that the male population could look into when it comes to fashion.

Dress for Success

You would often see the men donning the same thing over and over again, a three-piece suit or jacket or a long-sleeved shirt. It might look tired, especially if you have been working in corporate for quite some time. There are magazines that you can look into when it comes to what would make you look handsome for the ladies and will not look common for everyday use.

You might have a colleague who you see are being spoken to by the ladies and seems to be the talk of the town every morning. Look into what they are wearing, and see if there are tips that you can ask from them on what they would look great on you. It might seem funny, but men asking opinion from other men does not seem awkward at all.

Wear Something Appropriate

Take into consideration the places or events that you will be going to. Understand what type of style that will be required, and make sure to wear something appropriate for the occasion. If it says the event is for casual wear, do not think pyjamas and the like. You would have to look presentable and comfortable with what you are wearing. Go for fashionable and functional men’s shirts so that you and your friends can readily go to other nightspots, without the need to redress.

Mix and Match

Go ahead, mix and match the pieces of your outfit. You might have read somewhere that it is best to match a plain with a print, but you can mix prints with your outfit. Just be careful and not overdo the matching. You can probably start with wearing a checkered trouser along with patterned socks, or a printed blazer with a pocket square with a bit of pattern.

Just remember that you can only go at max with two: patterned socks, printed shirt and plain jacket, would look nice, or a plain tie with a patterned shirt and printed pocket square does not hurt as well.

Play or Match the Color of Your Belt and Shoes

There was an unspoken rule before that you need to match the colour of your belt to your shoes. Although with most men, they may have more than one colour on their belts compared to their boots; this will become a problem if men need to look for the best-looking belt to their shoes.

Just ensure that they are almost the same, and you should be ready to go. Black belt with brown shoes, or vice versa, does not hurt. As long as you feel comfortable, then you are good to go.

Socks: Wear Them or Lose Them

Even if it is for professional or personal events, there is nothing wrong with ditching your socks. Even more with a professional look, men not wearing any socks with their suits are common, as long as they stay clean and make sure that they are adequately protected against sweat.

Some men prefer not to wear socks as there are days that it is comfortable enough not to wear them at all.

Play Up Your Ties

Regardless if you are wearing your suit for work or an interview, your tie need not be subtle. Playing with the colours of your tie or bow can sometimes bring out the personality in you, and might give a sign to your interviewer that you mean business, but you are not too uptight that you cannot follow a conversation.

Experiment all you like with your ties, do not forget to mix it with how you knot them as well to play up your features or your overall outfit.