Meta CEO Mark Zuckerberg debuts Meta Quest Pro VR headset

Meta CEO Mark Zuckerberg debuts Meta Quest Pro VR headset

Meta CEO Mark Zuckerberg said on Tuesday that his organization’s newest virtual reality headset, named the Meta Quest Pro, will cost $1,500 and begin transporting on Oct. 25.

Zuckerberg debuted the gadget at Meta’s Connect conference, designed for VR and augmented reality developers.

The new headset costs $1,100 more than Meta’s Quest 2 headset and contains new technologies like an advanced mobile Snapdragon computer chip, created with Qualcomm, that assists the gadget with produce more advanced graphics.

The Quest Pro likewise has further developed touch controllers that contain embedded sensors, taking into account better hand tracking, and new lenses for improved reading experiences.

The new headset contains some mixed-reality features that can mix elements of the virtual world with the physical world. Zuckerberg has promoted that as a significant feature in the formation of the metaverse, which alludes to digital worlds that individuals can get to through VR and AR headsets.

Microsoft CEO Satya Nadella likewise showed up during the online event and examined an partnership with Meta expected to bring some of his organization’s work-collaboration applications to Quest VR gadgets.

Some Microsoft applications that individuals will actually want to access with a Quest gadget incorporate the Team’s chat app, the Microsoft 365 suite of work software and the organization’s Xbox cloud gaming service.

“You will be able to play 2D games with your Xbox controller projected on a massive screen on Quest,” Nadella said. “It’s early days, but we’re excited for what’s to come.”

Meta shares were down around 4.5% in midday trading to $127.85, highlighting a muffled response from investors about the new VR headset.