Colombian Angie Amaya teaches you to change “the ship” to be successful

Colombian Angie Amaya teaches you to change “the ship” to be successful

Maybe you have already seen it a thousand times or heard it, but have you really learned it or maybe you have wondered how to do it?

My name is Angie Amaya, a woman who always wonders if there is something else: another way, another form, another manner? Those questions led me to a very different path than the one we usually choose out of fear, or fear of what people will say, I thought about it too but it was not an obstacle for me, so I moved forward and now it’s been 7 years. I have had life experiences with many results and others with great learning. I did not want to wait any longer and at the age of 20 I started this path which is not the only one, but for me, it was the best.

I am in the leadership industry, but not technical leadership, but experiential leadership, with which one learns great life lessons that lead you to have great results, because if you stay in the system you have the same results as everyone who is in that system, so, for me, leadership is more than a job, it is a way of living life with great results.

This allows me to share what I have been able to live, learn and duplicate in this industry, completely different from the non-duplicable systems we grew up with, this is why HACK YOUR MIND begins. A lifestyle where you grow, advance and evolve if you really want, work and become conscious of achieving the results you expect, not invest your life, your time, and your youth in the traditional system that we know perfectly well and we know that the results are repetitive because the actions never change.

I was tired of the traditional system where there are no different results. I was in a system that forces you to live the way you lived in the industrial era: study, eat, work, sleep… a circle that repeats itself every day, but in exchange for what? For your health, your family, your vitality, and your time. A system, where our abilities and sacrifices are not evaluated and we are treated as if we were providing a low-cost service, where our value is dictated by a don someone who says that this is the way it has to be… Definitely not, this is not how it should be.

That is why I looked for a different system where I could grow, develop as a person, and an entrepreneur, and live a dignified life, which is what we all should have. A life based on our capabilities, focus, passion, energy, and time, not on a salary. That is: respecting yourself, leading yourself, and loving your family. It is also courage, confidence, and faith, because it is not easy, and I am sure at some point you thought about it or tried to do it, and I want to tell you to do it and don’t give up, I have also had many falls and fear if it will work, but one day I promised myself that I would overcome all that and make it work, I would not rest until it did. And look now, I started down this path and if I had to take it again, I would do it without hesitation.

It’s funny how people have so much faith, confidence, resilience, and hope to do the same thing every day, expecting to have different results in the system we were born and raised in. We got used to not giving up, to continue after 20, 30, and 40 years giving everything without even questioning ourselves. Do you think it’s fair to spend our lives that way?

During these 7 years, I have been able to learn, grow and evolve as I could never have imagined, my desire is not to convince you or tell you to do the same as me, no! is to be able to share with you the life I have at this moment, which will seem magical, but no, it is normal for all of us who are looking for it.

Now I travel all over the world (it was my main dream since I was 10 years old); thank God for giving me the persistence to make it happen! In network marketing what motivates you the most is to know the world, in the traditional system no, you must forget it, you have to focus on giving your time and energy, and you have a price… Here, you set the price according to your capabilities, attitudes, and focus, this is what gives you value to keep moving forward.

My main objective is that all those who work with me grow and advance. Perhaps it may sound strange to you, to believe that they don’t even give that much of a good thing since we grew up in a system where good things are a story or that it is common to crush the other in order to advance. These are some of the main problems we have as Latinos. There are so few opportunities, but too much talent because we are the most hardworking, cheerful, and charismatic region, which unfortunately was formed in a very closed system that has made it difficult for so many people to make their dreams come true and this should not be the reality for everyone.

In MLM you create the opportunity, through your vision, capabilities, investment of time, focus, and energy, and although it is easy to say, it is difficult to do, we love to be told all the time what to do and here no one is going to tell you anything, only your desires, vision, and purpose. That’s why it’s so common to hear in this industry the famous “you are your own boss”, to people it seems like a joke, but only until we are aware that our future and our family’s future depends on us we stop laughing.

So I started to do it in a professional, serious, and very dedicated way, I did not want to invest 5 years of my life in traditional education professionalizing myself in a career, so I decided to do it in the industry of opportunities, the first 3 years I had no result, but I did not give up, I continued; 7 years have passed and my best education has been learning from the people I work with every day, with a tool in a new digital economy that changed the way we live and work.

I was fortunate to be at the change of eras (going from industrial to digital), bringing many people in the world a new economy for themselves and their families. We prefer to tell the story differently, and of course, we suffered from a virus! But it made us stronger as humanity, more effective, faster, more independent, and more in charge of our lives; we had only 2 options: stay there or evolve, and we evolved to a 100% digital economy, benefiting a lot of people, through decentralized, equitable, fairer systems, and with values for your capabilities and not for your time.

There are many stories that I could write and share with you, but believe me, it would be very long, I invite you to investigate and listen to the arguments of the people and not the noise, and be guided by the anecdotes of each one, that is the best testimony of an institution. Believe, trust, go out, ask and investigate. That’s what I did to get into this industry, I was inspired to take action because if they could do it meant I could do it… now it’s been 7 years and we continue.

My role as a woman is what motivates me, commits me, and impassions me to continue every day, this is just a future for all women who want to go down this path and can see the results that we have been able to build especially here in Latin America where this role is underestimated all the time. Let’s continue with our courage and commitment, we still have many women to help and inspire so they can make it happen.

Life is only one! Stop thinking that we came to this world just to work and that we spend the day doing something we don’t like to have results we don’t like; the MLM industry hacks that chip that was installed in us, I hope you can understand that the only one who has the key to change the future is yourself, not your state, environment or boss. Deprograde yourself so you can lead and ask yourself the questions that nobody asks for fear of what people will say, ask them and look for the answers with your own results, look at them and evaluate them, if that is what you were really looking for.

We keep hacking our minds and the minds of many people who are looking for different results because I am one more woman who wanted different results for me and my family, thanks to this industry I have been able to achieve them and there are many more to come.

We create the future ourselves, it is not something we have to wait for. Everything I have now and enjoy now is something I built years ago, we have to enjoy today, it is the only thing we have, I am not going to wait until I have this, that, and/or retire to enjoy my life.

The problem with some people is that they think that tomorrow we have one more day, but it is not like that, we have one day less. So: the time is now! Evolve, grow and act, move from opinion to belief and from belief to action.