Microsoft Teams adds new features to have a go at getting your loved ones to discard Zoom

Microsoft Teams adds new features to have a go at getting your loved ones to discard Zoom

Well longer than a year prior, right when the COVID-19 pandemic was beginning, Microsoft declared that it was rebranding Office 365 to Microsoft 365. That additionally accompanied new features, for example, another Microsoft Family Safety app and consumer features for Microsoft Teams.

Presently, those customer features in Teams are at last here, the Redmond firm declared today, in spite of the fact that they’re in reality free for everybody. Clearly, Microsoft Teams is a business-focused product, so shoppers that want to set up their own meetings have been left utilizing competitors like Zoom all through the pandemic.

One of the enormous new features that you’ll have the option to use in Teams is Together mode. It places you in a virtual environment. It’s intended to cause you to feel like you’re all chatting in a coffee shop, or for reasons unknown, at the bottom of the ocean, in light of one of the slides in that GIF.

There are additionally live emoji reactions and GIFs. Note that to join the call, you don’t really need to be a Teams client. Anybody can join using a native app or the browser.

Microsoft made it a highlight say that chats in Teams don’t end after the call is finished. This is a differentiator between it and Zoom. There’s a key difference between the two platforms. Zoom is a virtual meeting platform. Teams is a full cooperation platform, consolidating the efforts of Slack and Zoom into one giant product.

Alongside the calls features are new chat features. Actually like you can add a non-user to a call, you can add them to a group chat by utilizing their phone number. They’ll simply consider it to be a SMS message. When you start a group chat, you can have a shared to-do list, despite the fact that it’s not exactly clear how the non-Teams client can get to it.

You can do things like convert messages into tasks, and you can set up polls for when the group needs to decide something. An example is deciding where to have dinner.

There’s additionally a dashboard view, which is exactly what it seems like. You get a Chat tab and a Dashboard tab. You can discover the entirety of your links, lists, files, and more in that Dashboard tab, so you don’t need to look through an entire chat thread to discover them.

The new personal features in Teams are accessible today, and they’re free for everybody.