Microsoft’s new-look Xbox dashboard is revealing this week

Microsoft’s new-look Xbox dashboard is revealing this week

The October update for Xbox is showing up this week, carrying with it a sample of next generation. Microsoft has reported that another dashboard design is turning out to Xbox consoles as a part of the most recent update, and it’ll additionally run on the Xbox Series X and Series S when they launch one month from now.

This new UX was first flaunted back in August. Microsoft says the home screen loads 50% faster on boot and 30% faster while leaving a game, with 40% less memory required on the Series X. It’s not satisfactory if proprietors of older consoles like the One S ought to anticipate performance upgrades, however.

The format isn’t gigantically unique, yet there have been changes to elements like the Guide and the games library, and outwardly it’s presently a closer match for other Xbox products like the Xbox application for Windows. You would now be able to customize your profile with themes, as well, and Microsoft has reshuffled the layout for new clients to feature highlights like Game Pass and the store.

The update is certainly not a tremendous one, yet then Microsoft’s last large redesign was only this previous February. Microsoft has a penchant for fundamentally redesigning its Xbox UI on different times every generation, so who realizes how long the Xbox Series X dashboard will end up resembling this. For the time being, however, you can get a head start on its interface by updating your old console.

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