With all sorts of new activities occurring in this digitalized version of the world, the youngsters have the ability and the facility to explore various job and business opportunities that are best suited for their hobbies, passion, and interests. Thanks to the enormous availability of the internet and smartphones at highly affordable prices, today one can explore a huge variety of things just by tapping on the screen. Amidst the current scenario, there a lot of people who have made a big name and earned an ample amount of money through engaging in online businesses. One such person who has made it bid in the field of Network marketing is Mr. Ahmed Mukhtar.

Network marketing, also known as pyramid selling, is a marketing strategy for the sale of products or services where the revenue of the company is derived from a non-salaried workforce selling the company’s products or services, while the earnings of the participants are derived from a pyramid-shaped or binary compensation commission system. Ahmed Mukhtar has been engaged in this industry for the last 7 years and has been performing excellently. Currently, he is the president and co-founder of NeXarise, a company that he and his team has started in the current year (2020) aiming at coaching people to become future entrepreneurs and to teach them to overcome their doubts and fears. NeXarise is a new home-based business opportunity for individuals who want more out of life. Their vision is to become the Amazon of Network marketing and equally foster an atmosphere of accomplishment, achievement, cooperation, and success. The company provides an online platform for people to sell essential goods and services and earn money out of it. In addition to the selling activity, they also encourage people to build networks so that they earn at an individual level as well as through their created network on a commission basis.

Ahmed was a very average boy when he stepped into the world of network marketing. He belongs from Somalia, from a very average family. His father was a bus driver and his mother also struggled because of the financial crisis. Till the age of 23, Ahmed did not figure out what or how he would make a career for himself. He was working as a retail manager at M&S but he was not satisfied with his job as he wanted more out of life. Eventually, at the age of 24, he discovered his interest in entrepreneurship, so he decided to join network marketing. Within just 2 years, he hit the top position of senior vice-president in his company, which was the highest rank. He earned $3.6 million in network marketing in just 4 years. With the help of utmost dedication and hard work, he was able to build a huge team of 21,000 people in 3 years.

Ahmed has been featured in success from home magazine in the year 2016 and other company publications. He has mentored thousands of people all over the world in over 25 countries. The goal of the company is to start the operations in the UK and Scandinavia and expand it to a total of 15 countries within the first year He and his company believes that one day future, they will become a multi-billion pound company which has a global presence changing hundreds of lives for the better.

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