Milad Ramezani Breaks Stereotypes to Become an Iconic Makeup Artist

We often hear about people speaking on attaining overnight successes and how they desire to become overnight stars in their industries. However, most often, people fail to realize that all those people who create their success story from the ground up sometimes fail in the process, but get up with a stronger resolve, proving the world their mettle, which go ahead in earning them long-term success and respect. Emerging as one of the best examples of the latter category is Milad Ramezani from the Iran. This iranian talent has always radiated brilliance when it comes to makeup and skincare, which is why today she stands tall as one of the most sought-after celebrity makeup artists and now even an entrepreneur with her skincare line named Panje Tala.

Milad Ramezani started her career as a teenager and worked her way to the top as a top-tier makeup artist, working with A-listers like Hamid Lolaee, Iraj Nozari, Morteza Ashrafi and Masoud Sadeghloo, amongst others. The once freelance backstage makeup artist at the age of 16 now became one of the biggest names in the beauty and skincare industry, She confesses that if she would’ve given up, after the early wake-ups and long hours of work, she wouldn’t have reached so far in her career.

The internationally acclaimed beauty artist has always been open to trying new makeovers. It is her uniqueness and creativity that sets her apart from other makeup artists in the country. Besides sharing beauty tips on social media platforms, many of Milad’s programs have earlier got telecasted on national television. To look at some of her exemplary works, check out her Instagram page ‘@Panje_Tala013’.