Milan Hightower on Doubling up as an Events Planner

Milan Hightower on Doubling up as an Events Planner

Many hip-hop enthusiasts know Milan Hightower as a songwriter, actor, dancer, performer, vocalist, and a rapper from Charlotte, NC. Besides all these, Milan also works behind the scenes as an event planner. He not only organizes his shows but also helps other artists plan and set up successful shows.

On 25th December 2018, Milan and his brothers, hip-hop trio Gnarl3Y Boys, celebrated with their community members through Christmas Giveback. The brothers had just relaunched their song, “My Christmas List,” and while promoting their single, they sponsored several families with gifts.

We out here, spreading the love and joy and giving toys out to all the little kids for Christmas,” remarked Jawara, the youngest of the brothers.

Milan also helped organize their #NUage Be Yourself Tour that saw them perform at North West School of The Arts. They were lowkey, but their efforts were met with cheer success. They used the platform to inspire students about staying positive. They receive praise for helping, by standing behind the scenes and stepping back, out of consideration for others.

The brothers also teamed up in the single ‘90210,’ released on 28, December 2019.

In 2016 Milan played a part in ensuring that Playboi Carti and Lil Uzi Vert’s first show in Charlotte was fruitful. He helped put up a fantastic show despite previous hitches. The police had initially shut down the venue for the show. Milan came to the rescue and immediately secured another venue, and had a sold-out event. He also kept the crowd entertained before the two big acts of the night performed.

Milan still keeps himself busy producing music for his fans and has dropped several singles this year.

Fans who wish to sample Milan Hightower’s music can visit his Soundcloud page or follow him on social media for more updates.