Modern news delivery is evolving by the day: Harsh Vardhan Sharma

The way literally any modern-day news delivery system works is that it gives you only half knowledge on any matter. We present to you a news organization that provides studied data with details equivalent to a business report. The name is Newsopreneur and the stats of it are defying normal.

Newsopreneur is basically as the name suggests, a new reporting organization that was started by Mr. Harsh Vardhan Sharma. The page has more than 130,000 followers on Instagram. The difference between normal news companies and Newsopreneur is that it gives infographic information. The news is presented with a learning lesson at the end of the caption. The motto behind such a layout is that you can learn from other people’s lives just as you learn from your own. Harsh says, “There’s no need to experiment in your own life to learn by experience when you can just use the wisdom from the current affairs and incidents out there.”

Entrepreneurs see the world differently as compared to normal people since they are the problem solvers. The foundation of Newsopreneur is based on this very thought. The page gives you an infographic post for every news covered. Around 50% of all entrepreneurial projects fail within the first 5 years of their inception. If you have the right tools, relevant skills, and guidelines and need to know, on a daily basis, about what’s happening out there, Newsopreneur might very well serve your purpose. Now, coming on to its founder Mr. Harsh Vardhan Sharma, it is astounding to learn the age of him during the time of his founding the page was merely 17. It is indeed a big target for someone who is still in his teens, but seeing his past record, we can effectively conclude that Harsh is all set to succeed.