Mohammad Jasem Alwazzan shares his insights to upgrade your skillset as a travel photographer

Mohammad Jasem Alwazzan shares his insights to upgrade your skillset as a travel photographer

Do you love to take tons of photos when you travel? If you do, why not improve your skills and become a travel photographer? You can become one of the most renowned photographers like Mohammad Jasem Alwazzan.

Alwazzan is a Kuwaiti photographer known for his food and travel photographs. He carries 24 years of experience in professional photography. You can catch a glimpse of his travel photography skills on Facebook and Instagram. His knowledge of travel photography is immense, and the following tips from Alwazzan will help you become a successful travel photographer as well.

1. Shoot in burst mode

Shooting in burst mode means you will take several shots with a single click of your shutter. This trick proves incredibly helpful when taking an action shot, such as a bird flying by or dolphins swimming in the ocean. It also gives you enough options to choose from, especially if someone accidentally photobombs a perfect shot.

2. Use a small tripod

According to Alwazzan, a small tripod is often the most underrated accessory in your camera kit. It can take your travel photos to a different level. You may find it challenging to capture an image from a low angle. Instead of bending over, use the small tripod. It will ensure that the shot is straight and according to the rule of thirds. Holding the camera in your hand may result in slightly tilted photos that may ruin the picture altogether.

3. Shoot early or shoot late

Many people think that it’s best to shoot after the sun is out correctly. Alwazzan disagrees with that. He says that the light is too harsh when the sun is shining brightly and would have a glaring effect on your photos. To beat the heat and excessive sunlight, you should always shoot early or when the sun is about to set. This will cast a warm glow on your photos instead of the harsh light.

4. Use clouds to good effect

Clouds often dampen the spirits of travelers, but for photographers, it is usually a welcome change. They act as natural lightboxes, thus softening the harsh sun rays. This means you can shoot even at noon without worrying about glaring effects on your photos. Even a drizzle can make your landscape look greener.

5. Open your shutter

This is ideal if you want to get a silky look of a waterfall. You need to increase your aperture and lower your shutter speed. A shutter speed of 15 or 20 seconds is more than enough to get that soft, flowing effect. A slow shutter speed is also useful in capturing the details of a forest. Slow shutter speed means the camera receives enough time to let light in. This makes the photos greener.

Keeping these few tricks in mind can help you become a better travel photographer quickly. Alwazzan always says that photographers shouldn’t restrict themselves from experimenting with their cameras. The more you experiment and make mistakes, the more you learn about photography. And that’s the best way to become a professional.