Months after WhatsApp launched, Facebook Messenger Offers HD Photo Sharing

Months after WhatsApp launched, Facebook Messenger Offers HD Photo Sharing

Social media apps are not an exception to the rule that compression is a necessary evil on the web to lighten the load on network providers and data centers. Instagram posts are never in their original resolution, and neither is the video of the adorable cat you shared with a buddy on WhatsApp when it was delivered. But a lot of apps, like Meta Properties, have only started to share HD photos and videos. Messenger is now improving in tandem with a few other features and supporting HD image sharing.

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This week, Meta revealed that Messenger users may now send HD photographs by simply activating an HD toggle switch in the chat composer UI before hitting Send. Previously, WhatsApp only allowed users to share HD images and videos (via PhoneArena). While Meta’s announcement doesn’t go into great detail, it is likely that this choice may lessen the amount of compression used, but native resolution photographs won’t be processed.

In addition to adding the ability to share HD images, Meta increased the attachment file size restriction from a pitiful 25MB to 100MB. This will come in handy especially when exchanging huge documents or compressed folders. Meta’s new image album sharing feature can come in handy if you want to share a bunch of photos.

In the upcoming weeks, Messenger users will be able to build shared albums instead of constantly bombarding group chats with pictures from a shared trip. Similar to a shared album in Google Photos, the contents of the album will be visible to everyone in the chat and they will also have the ability to download or remove the contents. You can also easily view all of the albums shared with a group by selecting the Media tab in the group information, and there are basic options for renaming albums.

Finally, you may join someone to Messenger even if you don’t yet know their name or phone number thanks to a new function that Meta has added: the ability to share QR codes. Although QR codes are excellent visual aids, Meta has included a clever feature that allows you to share your QR code with a link.