Muculada develops USDT virtual currency payment channel, leading the financial industry with technological advantages

Muculada is established in Australia providing professional trade copy software and platform. After taking root in Singapore, in order to help expand the digital currency channel and accelerate the development of trade copy community business with a more convenient deposit model, it is now officially accepting USDT deposits. The platform has then received a huge response and attracted the attention of global financial technology investors.

Muculada’s vision is to establish the largest copy trade community in Southeast Asia. Its trade copy community is getting more professional traders into the group of business, allowing customers to choose their favorite trader to copy trades seamlessly. The investment philosophy advocated by Muculada is to make profits from with professional experiences. It not only encourages customers to allocate assets freely to different traders to follow up and control investment risks, but also makes advanced risks control plan, leading it’s customers to outperform in the trade market.

The group has decided to officially authorize USDT deposits with high customer demand and the circulation of digital currency. The decision will not only trigger a blast in the gold and foreign exchange trading market. With it’s convenient procedures and more intuitive transaction processes will surely be supported by more users.

Muculada uses the latest technology to match deposit customers with USDT acceptors for C2C point-to-point decentralized transactions. This is because USDT deposits and USD 1:1 value exchange are very stable, which improves security to a greater extent and also greatly improves international transfers and anonymity. At the same time, the real-time liquidation engine allows customers to check the transaction status for every deposit and withdrawal in real time make the transactions safe and reliable.

USDT deposit advantages:

  1. After the deposit is converted into digital currency, the reserve is guaranteed at 1:1. For every USDT token issued, the bank account will have 1 USD fund guarantee.
  2. Circulation: internationalized and widely used
  3. Currently the most extensive digital legal currency: users are all over the world, and there are many platforms that support USDT transactions internationally.
  4. Risk hedging: open and transparent, foreign exchange reserves are announced every day and subject to frequent professional audits. All transactions in circulation matches its reserves.
  5. Security : World-class guarantee. Built on the basis of blockchain technology, it provides world-class security while meeting international compliance standards and regulations.

According to Muculada Singapore analysts, USDT deposits can allow 1 million users to be online at the same time, making good preparations for the ever-increasing number of customers. At the same time, it can better connect to liquidity providers (LP) with more efficiently and at low cost.

Muculada Australia continue to lead the industry with brand-new technological advantages and drives trends. This upgrade will set a leading benchmark in the gold and foreign exchange future market and the field of digital currency exchange, leading investors to continue to create investment success and reach the peak of wealth!