Cruz Cases Top 5 Best Cell Phone Radiation (EMF) Blocking Phone Cases

Cruz Cases Top 5 Best Cell Phone Radiation (EMF) Blocking Phone Cases

Cell phone transmit powerful radio signals into cell towers. These microwave radio signals also are directed into the body of the consumer. EMF (radiation) protective phone cases are considered the solution for Mobile Phone health warnings resulting in a weaken immune system, brain tumours and other numerous health concerns. But only a few phone cases actually provide adequate protection.  Two key factors for our evaluation were the quality of the shielding material used and the case construction using the shielding material. Our safety concern was directed towards the brain of the consumers.   

Those listed below show our most effective anti-radiation phone cases ranked in order of their ability to block cell phone radiation (EMF) absorbed by the body.   

1.Cruz CasesA+ Our top rated pick uses Reflectrixcore shielding material implemented very well into the case construction. Well-designed case.  
2.Radiarmor CasesB+ rated shielding material. Some radiation leaks around edges.  Construction could be improved.    
3.RF Safe Anti-Radiation Cases  B. Low grade shielding material limits radiation protection. Very good construction.
4.SYB (Shield Your Body)  B rated shield material but not designed for maximum efficiency in case construction.   
5.Safesleeve C+ low cost shielding material sewn into well-constructed case. Some protection, but not recommended for long term use.       

The best cases use the best materials for radiation (EMF) protection. Cruz cases ( topped our list of effective anti-radiation phone cases as a result of the materials they used and the design incorporation of the shielding material. The case used soft touch materials, double stitched for durability and could be cleaned with a damp cloth. Cruz also offered their superior protection into Universal cases which could be attached to many different makes and models of cell phones. Radiarmor’s case could be more competitive with some shielding material upgrades. Safesleeve’s use of the shielding material needed revamping to be effective.  Our overall evaluation gives consumers health consideration options. For our final analysis, we give Cruz a thumbs up for topping our Best Anti-radiation Mobile Phone Case List.

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