My Cloud Solutions Limited release CFX Preferred Shares Globally

My Cloud Solutions Limited release CFX Preferred Shares Globally

My Cloud Solutions Limited is a pioneer in forex trading, incorporated in 2016 was founded by Faisal Mohamed & Uzma Hyder. Company’s boards of directors also include chief technology officer Uzma Hyder, chief marketing officer Sayeed Mahmood, chief financial officer Mark Best, and director of market development Bharat Prasad. The company has organized a team of the world’s leading financial trading experts to manage capital and make it possible for individual investors to take part in it. Technological breakthrough allows using even more investment opportunities. So, the company is not limited exclusively to our own partners in the face of legal entities, but also attracts individuals to investment activities through a worldwide cloud network. Due to effective trading from our experts, My Cloud Solutions Limited is able to attract large capital and create an advantage in the trading market.

Currently, The company is cooperating with Al Rayan Bank PLC. Al Rayan Bank PLC is a banking and financial services brand operating in the United Kingdom. In the near future, they will support Al Rayan Bank PLC providing a range of savings and investment products, mortgages, credit cards, insurance, and pensions. The forex market is closed at the weekend for individuals, but banks and large organizations are still trading normally, so that is the advantage of My cloud solutions limited and Al Rayan Bank PLC.Since 2019, My cloud solutions limited has partnered with the UK government to implement e-government activities, including integrating e-citizen cards into the blockchain, participating in a number of defense activities, and security, nonprofit support for election campaigns. In addition, they provide technical support for data management systems, patient and doctor records across the UK. Of course, everything is deployed on the blockchain.

In 2020, the My Cloud FX Project is launched, after a lot of our efforts and dedication. The company has been continuously striving and developing, focusing on 3 main areas of trading to create breakthrough profits for their businesses. These 3 areas include:

  • Cloud Trading: Cloud platform that connects investors with the world’s leading expert traders
  • Forex Market: The largest trading market in the world with a volume of trillions of dollars a day
  • Expert Traders: Financial experts with years of experience and proven trading performance

To meet the need of expanding the scale of the company’s capital and attracting more partners and investment funds worldwide, The company has issued CFX stock on the global market. CFX preferred shares will be issued to expand their company business as well as allow investment funds and individuals to invest in the company. Individuals and organizations owning CFX shares will receive dividends according to the proportion of shares held and the profitability of My Cloud Solutions Limited.

In addition, CFX holders also have the opportunity to grow their assets quickly. The value of CFX is expected to increase 5-10 times after the issuance. Because the number of CFX issued is limited, many investment funds have registered to buy the majority of CFX shares and only alimited amount of CFX scarcity will be sold to individual investors. Therefore, the value of CFX shares will grow quickly grow as well as the business efficiency of My Cloud Solutions Limited. At the moment, My Cloud Solutions Limited has been working with securities committees in countries and reputable organizations on issuing stock to offer CFX shares to the community worldwide. Along with ensuring the growth of the company, They also ensure the value of CFX shares, thereby the company can bring double profits to investors. This is a great opportunity for investors to accompany My Cloud FX as well as enjoy the best investment policies from the company.

Go along with that, our CFX share will be listed on some stock exchanges and will be sold within 3 years. Then, it will be listed on the Nasdaq, London, NYSE stock exchanges. Significant investments (short-term, medium-term, and long-term) bring large dividends and high-interest rates for all partners and investors, and the official activities of the company under the current legislation of the UK imply appropriate guarantees. Investors consider this great opportunity. With the development of My Cloud FX, if you invest in our stock, it will surely bring huge profits in the future.

With My Cloud FX, investing has never been easier!

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