“My personal method helps women become mothers”, – yoga master Anelya Satybaldy

“My personal method helps women become mothers”, – yoga master Anelya Satybaldy

Way back in 2013 a high school student from Kazakhstan heard the word “yoga” for the first time. Being curious by nature, the girl instantly got into learning about the topic new to her and she quickly came to a conclusion: yoga was what she liked and what she would practice.

Now Anelya Satybaldy is 25 years old. She is an international yoga master, a certified trainer with teaching experience, and the owner of many world-class awards and titles. Also she’s a happy wife and a mother of a sweet girl, Adeline.

In addition, Anelya Satybaldy is the author of her own methodology for the recovery of women after childbirth, for which she received a prestigious award from the fund of the First President of Kazakhstan Nursultan Nazarbayev.

In 2019, Anelya Satybaldy came to the USA. Two years later, the publishing house Yoga Alliance publishing Agency (Chicago, Illinois) published Anela’s book where she told in detail about her program that helped  thousands of women get into excellent physical shape after childbirth. Now, Anela has even bigger plans for the future.

How did a regular schoolgirl from Almaty become a world famous person? Let’s find out. 

– Anela, how would your life be if you were not in yoga?

– Actually I don’t know. Maybe I would be a translator, because I studied in a linguistic college and can speak three languages fluently. Or I would be a manager, because the college I went to straight out of high school gave me that qualification. Or maybe I would even work in an advertising business, because I’m a certified marketologist, graduated from a university in Kazakhstan. Honestly, I don’t know. Let’s say that yoga had made the decision for me (laugh).

– What makes your method so unique? Yoga itself is an ancient, thousands of years old practice.

– My program is called “fast pelvic floor muscle recovery after childbirth”. And the key in this sentence is FAST. The fact is that a lot of women do not give birth because they are afraid of pain and because they don’t want to mess up their body. They are nervous that after childbirth they would need to go to the gym and work out very hard as well as be on a strict diet.

I have proved by personal experience that yoga is the fastest and most effective way to get back in shape after childbirth. Especially if you do it during pregnancy.

– It seems there are even specific ways of doing it.

– They are. Prenatal and postnatal yoga. Prenatal yoga prepares women for a pain-free childbirth from the moment of conception; the exercises vary depending on the current trimester. Postnatal yoga is about the full recovery of the female body after childbirth and the elimination of postpartum depression, which is very important for those who become a mother for the first time. 

And what about your method? 

– My method is not just a bunch of breath exercises and poses. This is a system, which includes a balanced nutrition, regular massage. and body cleansing. Thanks to this system, women do not even suspect what dysfunctions occur during pregnancy or after childbirth.

You received the President’s Award for your methodology.

– Indeed, I am. In January 2021, right after I patented the program. It was later recognized as effective at the state level.

Have women in the US already liked it?

– Certainly! And it’s an honor for me that many of those clients who positioned themselves as childfree decided to become mothers after my classes. This is the highest praise for me as a yoga master, and the best compliment for my technique.

Could you imagine that you would become famous all over the world?

– Of coursewhen I managed to persuade my mom and friends to twist into asanas (laugh). No, seriously I could not. Even now, despite being a member of many international organizations. I am not vain.

Do you know what the reason is? 

– I have many goals and different values. Through my experience, I daily challenge the fear that prevents women from having children. I strive to help them be strong and healthy, self-confident, and feel attractive. I am thinking about them.

I have been teaching yoga for more than six years. Over this time, I helped many women with different jobs and social status not only to breathe properly but get their lives back.

What else do you teach them?

– According to the feedback from my students, I show them precisely what inner harmony is. And it’s not just a myth. We rush through our days at the highest speed and try to find a balance, which we hope would help us stay on track. Day after day, we are trying to find peace and harmony. But we do not realize that they are inside us. We have inside us what we need most!

Yoga frees people from stereotypes, opens them for themselves. By practicing yoga, people become lighter in their bodies and souls. They realize that they want to live their lives and achieve success not by getting out of their skins, but with pleasure.

Is this also a personal experience?

– Yeah, it is a unique system (laugh). Come to my lessons and experience by yourself what true yoga is. You will not regret it, I promise!