Nafez Husseini Shares His Mantra for Success in 2020 and Beyond

Nafez Husseini Shares His Mantra for Success in 2020 and Beyond

Work is worship because, when done in the right spirit, it can put one on the holy ground of self-improvement. Work, chisels, scrapes, shaves, and hard knocks character into shape. For the young entrepreneur and founder of Authority Media LLC Nafez Husseini, work is made up of diligence, persistence, and transparency. As his “secrets to success,” this holy trio helped Nafez overcome the odds and scale the evens of business.

Nafez believes that he works “harder than anyone else that I know.” It’s easy to see how. As someone who helps “individuals and companies scale their brands and drive revenue using Facebook, Instagram and Twitter”, Nafez has his hands andmind full. His expertise in setting new benchmarks in online marketing and revenue generation have made clients queue up for guidance and novelty. He says, “I don’t remember the last time whenI took a vacation. But then again, I can’t remember the last time I felt the need for one. For me, working is a non-stop thing. It’s like a ceaseless base to the rhythm of life.”

Nafez was an early starter. Or perhaps he was expected to grow up sooner when his family moved to Houston, Texas from their roots in the Middle East. The displacement proved unnerving and entrepreneurship helped him persevere. He recalls, “We moved to Houston, Texas when I was seven years old. At thirteen, I began to grow Instagram accounts to millions of followers. At sixteen I started my social marketing agency for which I was tutored by Tai Lopez. MediaHusky, my company, helped me pay my way through college.” Nafez’s will to stand his ground and take on the challenges of the new land, the new language, while exploring the diversity that this new burst of culture, shook, stalked, and schooled him with, gave him the formula to maintain a steady gait across all the difference landscapes of business.

Nafez believes honesty yields more success than deceit. Although he’s in the image-making industry as someone running a successful digital media management company, Nafez credits his success to his “need” to stay honest. “Honesty is not a virtue for me, but oxygen. When it comes to making a decision during success or crisis, I do it from the gut of my honesty. This has helped people know me for what I do and not just what I say I’ll do. It has helped people trust me. And when people trust you, they like to participate in and celebrate your success because you sure as hell do in theirs.” In short, it seems, being transparent and honest has helped Nafez strengthen his self-confidence.

Success has to be earned. For Nafez, diligence, persistence and transparency have been the tools to earn his success with grace and gratitude. With timeless virtues as his guide, Nafez’s climb has only just begun.