Neil Nayyar’s 107 Musical Instruments Indicate A New Dawn For Music

Neil Nayyar’s 107 Musical Instruments Indicate A New Dawn For Music

“Neil Nayyar can play you literally any instrument that first comes across your mind with his expertise in playing a total of 107 musical instruments with a passion and talent that you’ve probably never seen before.”

Elk Grove, California– Neil Nayyar is certainly not your average 13-year old kid as he is currently a complete master of exactly 107 different musical instruments- a talent that you’ll definitely won’t find easily, and the future only seems to hold all the possibilities in light of his passion and dedication to the musical craft.    

The latest updates about Neil is that he is finalizing his contract with an Acting Agency in Los Angeles, which is a move that will get him to better understand and acclimate with the entire entertainment business. They are considering a number of documents/monologues in accordance with what his talents actually fall, and facilitating that it gets cultivated in the best fashion all across the board. In time, audition tapes and requests will be sent out to a variety of media, which may include TV, movies, and commercials. He already has experience auditioning for such wildly popular titles across TV as America’s Got Talent and Steve Harvey Show, but Neil is showing no signs of the stoppage by any means. Music is present within him as the purest form of passion, and he’s completely dedicated in his mission to be crowned as one of the very best to do it at a certain point of time in the future. He practices for eight hours in total every day and takes classes from 25 different musical experts who are essentially leaders in their genre or instrument, whatever it might be.    

His profile is already at an advanced stage, evident from the upcoming story that the SACTOWN Magazine is going to do upon him in their issue of August. Although the subject remains unrevealed, it is for sure to recount his extremely fascinating story, as well as a greater intimacy and knowledge on how a child prodigy actually exists. However, this is not the first time that Neil Nayyar has been featured in a notable media outlet. Back when he was 12, he caught attention with his then-mastery of 44 different instruments. That story was run by such prestigious platforms and publications as FOX40, ABC10, Good News Network and a number of others. That feat was itself a record in the books of ASSIST World Records, an Indian-based organization, but since then his adeptness has reached to 107, which feature interesting instruments originating from all over the world. Guinness Book of World Records is now showing quite a bit of interest in featuring Neil across their own extremely prestigious record books.

For Neil Nayyar, it would seem that the possibilities are endless, and it will be very interesting to watch what he’s able to achieve over time. People will surely follow his story in greater numbers subsequently, and it remains to be seen what his contributions are for stretching and breaking through all the musical boundaries. You can follow him at his official website at, or through his Facebook social media profile at


Neil Nayyar’s parents attribute his innate musical genius and unique capabilities to the fact that they played him Mozart when he was still in the womb. But, his talents didn’t come to the forefront in the first few years of his life until he was taken to an instructional class to learn how to play drums. Neil completely astonished and impressed everyone present on the very first day with the showcasing of his talents, and he has never looked back since. By 12, he was playing 44 different instruments, and now that count has increased to a total of 107. He practices constantly trying both to increase his expertise on instruments continuously, as well as exploring and finding new ones that he could attempt to play. He also devotes a fraction of his time to his other interests, which include hip hop, jazz and Bollywood music, as well as the movies from Bollywood, especially those starring Salman Khan as he’s Neil’s favorite actor.          

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