NIGHTELVES That’s Entertainment Economics based on community autonomy group.

NIGHTELVES That’s Entertainment Economics based on community autonomy group.


When you are close to back to the original, the rebound stops abruptly; need change as When you are close to Recovery investment, the rebound stops abruptly;

When you profit out of the game, the dark horse was born;

When you are complacent, the disaster comes as scheduled;

When you have no money, good COIN is everywhere.

Keeping COIN is more difficult than being widowed. Mining seems good, but the investment is too large. Let’s stop here. Liquidity mining may be a new way out.


The only purpose created is that the holder can collect NIGHTELVES

and hold more NIGHTELVESat the same time

Entertainment Economics

There was no initial burn

Community autonomous group

Decentralized finance liquidity mining. The original intention is self-care of autonomous communities. Most DeFi (Decentralized Finance) teams are meant to encourage long-term, sticky liquidity. They hope that by offering a share of ownership to the users of the agreement, they will stay. However, what every user care about is not how to govern, but their benefits.

We can see the pledge of IPFS. Pledge mining is a good choice, but it also has the problem of whether the node business is trusted. And centralization and decentralization are contradictory, but are they really not adjustable?

NIGHTELVES creatively provides liquidity pledge on the decentralized platform of PancakeSwap.  Everyone can participate in liquidity mining, and later can participate in pledge mining on the centralized trading platform. There may be interest gap, but there should be a balance point between them. This may be a great creation.

NIGHTELVES Is it a revolution? We prefer to think that NIGHTELVES is a blockchain experiment. So, Do you want to participate in it?