A strong character has the power to consume you to the core – Actor Virral Patel

Acting is not an easy job. It requires a lot of hard work, research, and patience to fit into the character. Some artists are praised for their in-depth understanding of the character and putting it with perfection. But a strong character always leaves an impact on the artist’s mind. There are times when the artists felt the emotions of the characters they essayed as real.

Virral Patel an amazing actor who is famous for the stunt in his upcoming flick Thalaivi believes a strong character leaves an impact on the artist. The actor loves to portray his role with perfection for which he gives all his energy towards the character. The promising star thinks when you enter into the shoes of any character you first need to understand the emotions of the character you are portraying. Only then you would understand the flow of the shot. The character you play will affect you surely even for a short time and if the character is strong enough it would surely rule over your mind for a while. The actor believes the rate of impact depends on how strong the character is and how deeply you are into it.

Virral Patel has shaken the industry after his extraordinary appearance in the trailer Of Thalaivi which stars Kangana Ranaut in the lead role. The actor before giving a solid performance onscreen has also worked behind the camera as the producer which he believes made him a true actor. The actor is a complete fitness freak and owns one of the best Gyms in Mumbai.