Notes on the art of painting from the language of Iranian painter and artist Alireza Molaei

Notes on the art of painting from the language of Iranian painter and artist Alireza Molaei

Of course, there are certain ways to enter the world of painting and become a professional. You have to go through the steps step by step. Start with the line first, because the muscles of the hand must be strong, then draw on inanimate objects and nature, and then move on to perspective.

Then study the human face and anatomy from different angles. When you go through the steps correctly and do a lot of practice, the law of slight superiority will appear to you and you can become a great designer.

You must first master the design, then work on the rules of light shadow and texture. These steps will turn you into a designer and then a professional painter.

 After the basic design steps, you can choose one of them according to your feeling and taste, according to the range of painting techniques (crayon, watercolor, oil paint, pastel, gouache, acrylic, etc.). See training profession.

How to become a successful painter

Painting is one of the oldest means of human communication. Painting dates back to before the invention of calligraphy. The first lines are pictorial lines that are directly related to painting. It is easier for the audience to understand.

 Painting is formed by expressing our feelings and emotional relationships with the world around us and is one of the disciplines that has attracted many audiences throughout history. Based on this feeling and look, differences in styles and methods have been formed both in different civilizations and cultures and within each land.

 Man with a special inner character, along with different painting tools in the past and in the contemporary period and even in the future, has said different things to the societies and people of the planet by creating his work of art. This issue has caused a different look and different and new words among the sections of the society. Because the artist’s view is completely different from that of the community, it can contain valuable messages.

The benefits of painting

Here are some benefits of painting.

A good sense of life

Painting is one of the ways in which the painter, in addition to learning and teaching, experiences a good sense of life and a different sense. People who work in painting have a better sense of life because of the color and the creation of a work, and this factor has made them calmer in life and makes them more patient.

 Brain growth

New research by psychologists shows that painting is an important tool for brain development. For this reason, it is said that painting is the best way to teach children; Because it helps his brain grow and this process can continue for the rest of his life. The left hemisphere of the digital brain is responsible for non-verbal communication, emotional development, and the right hemisphere is responsible for creativity, visualization, emotion, and so on. It activates the brain by drawing two hemispheres.


A professional painter with form and color conveys his mental and visual concepts to the audience. The interaction of form and color with the audience and the transmission of feelings and concepts to him causes communication and this factor can expand the communication range of an artist. The wider this range, the artist can communicate with more people and that The factor causes the growth of the artist on the one hand and his income on the other hand.

Self Confidence

The more a professional painter can create a work of art and expand the scope of his relationship with these works, the more it will be a factor for the growth of the characters and consequently his self-confidence. High self-confidence will create better works, more communication and as a result progress and lead to double growth.