How long does it take me to become an arranger? Speeches by Ehsan Sadeghi, a top Iranian arranger and composer

How long does it take me to become an arranger? Speeches by Ehsan Sadeghi, a top Iranian arranger and composer

  • Music
  • September 29, 2021

That’s how long it takes me to be an arranger? I have to say for those people who want to be an arranger and a composer.

It is not possible to write a single version for everyone and say that for example, anyone who wants to become a professional arranger must work in music for 3 years, because there are many elements that accelerate and slow down a person’s learning.

Certainly, a person who has a lot of talent in music is not the same speed as an ordinary person. It is true that eventually both people progress and become professionals, but it must be admitted that talent is undeniable !! Or the element of practice in a job is a very important factor in the development of a person who has a lot of possibilities has less breaks than someone who is struggling with a lot of problems and is talented !! Because many people interrupt their work for some reason …. So many environmental and non-environmental factors affect a person to become a professional or stay at a constant level !!

How much does a person need to know about music in order to be a professional?

Well the question got a little better! Because by knowing the minimum amount of content you need to know, you can do a planning based on your ability and have a specific time for yourself. Now you can say that if, for example, I can work the minimum volume of content based on 4 years and I can make a professional adjustment by studying ….

Well, you understand that everyone can determine the professional time in a job based on their ability !! So first get information about the minimum amount of material you need to know in music, then determine the time according to your ability, now based on it Plan your time, it will definitely come to an end !! Do not forget the factor of patience, because if you wait, you will make halva! We are accustomed to always have the best achievement without patience. Come on!

Don’t forget to try:

Undoubtedly, having a goal in anything can make a person progress more and more. Let’s write down your goals from the moment you entered the world of music on a piece of paper and honestly ask how much talent and interest do I really have? Where do I want to go? Which one? Is the basin better for me? And …

Be sure that answering these questions will help you know how many more times you will become a professional …

Write down your goals clearly to know what level of music you want to achieve!

Be thick skin !!:

Try to be thick-skinned in this way !! Because you have entered a basin where there are all kinds of tastes and thoughts, so you should wait for any reaction and destruction from those around you, near and far, strangers and acquaintances !! Sometimes it may be the other way around, that is, what should everyone do? In the meantime, you should focus all your attention on the improvement and progress of your work, because no one but yourself knows what problems you have and what problems you do not have !!! ..

Be your own critic. Criticize every work you create without ignoring it. Do not let your flaws get out of hand. This is one of the most useful ways to get better and progress because every time you want to be better than before because you always have to Answer yourself !!

With the explanations I gave, you understood to some extent that there is no specific time to become a regulator. Let me better say that art has no limits and no end. Be active in music, your life does not suffice !!!

All people who were beginners and became professionals one day have tasted the seemingly bitter hardships. Remember, in order to get gold, you have to move several cubic meters of soil !!!