Nvidia Shield TV currently supports PS5, Xbox Series X/S controllers

Nvidia Shield TV currently supports PS5, Xbox Series X/S controllers

Shield Experience Upgrade 8.2.2 brings support for PS5 and Xbox Series X/S controllers to Nvidia Shield TV.

The 27th in a long queue of software updates for the Android TV-based Nvidia Shield series brings support for two new controllers. In particular, those are the controllers that transport with Sony’s new PlayStation 5 as well as Microsoft’s new controller for the Xbox Series X and Xbox Series S.

To pair the controllers, you’ll just have to follow two or three steps:

DualSense: Hold PlayStation and Share/Clip button until light pulses blue.

Xbox Series X/S: Hold the pairing button until the Xbox button blinks.

At the point when associated, these controllers can be utilized with Nvidia’s own GeForce Now streaming service as well as native Android games. Actually talking, it ought to likewise work with Stadia on the off chance that you sideloaded the application.

Past PS5 and Xbox Series X/S controller support, this Nvidia Shield TV update likewise brings a few different changes. There’s new integration of Control4, a home automation system for other smart home stuff. Presently, those systems can control Shield TVs with the Control4 application and remote ready to completely control the Shield TV and its installed applications.

At last, Nvidia likewise noticed that this update brings the December 2020 Android security patch and as well as a fix for 2019 Shield TV remotes for utilizing IR to control Denon receivers.