OG Samsung Galaxy Buds are repeatedly on sale at their all-time low cost

OG Samsung Galaxy Buds are repeatedly on sale at their all-time low cost

In case you’re searching for a nifty pair of truly wireless earbuds produced by somebody other than Apple and can’t settle on Samsung’s Galaxy Buds Pro and Buds Live… you may likewise want to think about the first-gen Galaxy Buds.

Economically released around two years prior, this non-Pro AirPods elective is clearly not as advanced and as feature-packed, as the two previously mentioned more current models, lacking active noise cancellation technology while additionally disappointing with its marquee Ambient Sound functionality at launch.

On the bright side, the OG Galaxy Buds got an entire pack of software updates aimed specifically at improving that key feature, as well as numerous others, since 2019, and to compensate for the ANC nonattendance, Walmart is at present offering an unsurpassable deal for a without a doubt restricted time in particular.

Great in this specific case isn’t comparable to extraordinary, mind you, as a similar precise significant US retailer sold this equivalent exact product at an indistinguishable $49 cost simply a month ago. This time around, notwithstanding, it would seem that you don’t really have to visit an actual brick and mortar store to shave a whopping $80.99 off the $129.99 standard cost of a brand-new, unused, unopened, and undamaged pair of these awful boys, in spite of the fact that something discloses to us Walmart will indeed run out of inventory fast.

The yellow, silver, black, and “aura glow” flavors are totally listed as unavailable as of now at the hour of this composition, leaving you with simply the white alternative accessible at an AirPods-destroying $49 cost.

Remember that the audio quality, battery life, wireless connectivity, and comfort given by the Samsung Galaxy Buds are on the whole beautiful heavenly (particularly at under 50 bucks), also these puppies come packaged with a helpful and modern wireless charging case, which isn’t what we can say about Apple’s a lot costlier entry-level second-gen AirPods variant.