OnePlus will join OxygenOS with Oppo’s colors for the Oneplus 9 series, Oneplus Nord series and then some

OnePlus and Oppo as of late declared that they are incorporating portions of their innovative work inside OPLUS to “maximise resources”. Despite the fact that, OnePlus CEO Pete Lau, had at the time affirmed that both OnePlus and Oppo will keep on working independently, with their independent operating systems, in a declaration on Friday, 2 July, OnePlus has reported that it is combining its Oxygen OS with Oppo’s ColorOS operating system to “improve the OxygenOS experience.” OnePlus has likewise vowed to release three years or more of Android updates for its cell phones.

As indicated by the OnePlus forum, the change of the OS won’t be perceptible to the clients as it is going on “behind the scenes”. According to the organization, the OnePlus 8 series and fresher gadgets will get 3 significant Android updates and 4 years of safety refreshes. OnePlus Nord and OnePlus Nord/Nord CE will get 2 significant Android updates and 3 years of safety refreshes. The N-series gadgets including N10 and N100 will get 1 significant android update and 3 years of safety updates.

Moreover, gadgets more seasoned than the OnePlus 8 series will follow the past timetable of 2 significant Android updates and 3 years of safety refreshes.

According to an assertion by OnePlus, “OxygenOS remains the OS for global OnePlus users as always, but now built on a more stable and stronger platform. This will apply to new devices in the future, while for existing devices that are still within the maintenance schedule, it will occur via an OTA update along with Android 12.”