Najee Harris breaks Steelers record versus the Cincinnati Bengals in Week 3

The Steelers offense battled powerfully in their misfortune to the Cincinnati Bengals. One of a handful of the bright spots was the play of Najee Harris, who contributed 142 yards, leading the team in both hurrying and getting yards one week after he recorded the only Steelers touchdown.

Najee Harris got 14 passes for 102 yards for the Steelers in Week 3, and those 14 receptions are a new rookie record for a single game. The Steelers rookie record was 8 receptions in a single game for a long time, Henry Minarik set the record subsequent to being drafted in the eighth round of the 1951 draft. He set it in the last game of the Steelers’ 1951 season, a game that was likewise the last game of his NFL career, as he experienced an eye injury in training camp in 1952.

While other Steeler rookies would tie the record throughout the long term, it would stay unbeaten until Minarik was 90 years of age, when JuJu Smith-Schuster broke the record in the last game of the 2017 Steelers season.

JuJu Smith-Schuster would just need to delay until he was 24 to see his record fall. Najee Harris, in his third NFL game, became a major focus of a Steelers offense that only set up two scoring drives in 11 chances.

While it’s anything but a record Najee Harris is probably going to celebrate after such a collapsing misfortune, it is an imperative accomplishment and may assist with putting the couple of passes he ought to have gotten and didn’t into viewpoint.

Looking forward, Najee Harris presently has 20 receptions for 149 yards and a score. That puts him 42 receptions behind the Steelers tenderfoot season record of 62 set last year by Chase Claypool, Harris needs to average 3 receptions a game the remainder of the period to tie the record, in case he is solid for the majority of the period he is probably going to claim the season record too.

What does this all mean? On one hand it implies the Steelers have a decent collector in their freshman running back, then again it implies they need to track down another approaches to move the ball. Regardless of whether your running back is Marshall Faulk you should have the option to run the ball or get a few beneficiaries creating in the passing game. Be that as it may, until further notice, how about we all make an honest effort to enjoy some time off from the hopelessness of this misfortune to the Cincinnati Bengals to recognize the Steelers new youngster single-game getting record holder, Najee Jerome Harris. Possibly he can get 15 receptions later this season in a game the Steelers really win.


Backbone allows a 3D-printed solution for iPhone 13 Pro camera bump problem

Backbone Labs has recognized the issue that hampers the utilization of its great iPhone gaming controller with the new iPhone 13 Pro and 13 Pro Max. As we saw last week, the iPhone 13 Pro’s thicker camera bump implies the phone doesn’t sit perfectly in the Backbone One controller, either standing out on one side or causing the bridge on the back to somewhat clasp. It’s not unusable, but rather it’s not extraordinary.

“We spent a tremendous amount of time meticulously crafting every surface of Backbone One (both bits and atoms) and even designing universal support for the iPhones available when it was released,” a Backbone representative wrote in an official post on Reddit. “As a result, we’re disappointed in the situation at hand. Several folks on the team even upgraded to 13 Pro Max for a better gaming experience, and while the fit may be acceptable for some users, it’s not as good as we’d like it to be.”

To address this, Backbone has planned an adapter that is expected to work on the involvement in the iPhone 13 Pro and 13 Pro Max. Tragically, the organization says it can’t mass-produce them immediately as a result of supply limitations and COVID-19, so the adapter design will be released as an open-source 3D printable file. In the event that you don’t access to a 3D printer, Backbone says “we’ll do our best” to send an adapter to clients who contact the organization’s support team.

The printable files ought to be posted online “in a matter of days;” we’ll let you realize how well the solution works when we can.


“How to find innovative ideas for our business?” Ali Haj Mohammadi successful Iranian entrepreneur and thinker

If you are seeking a business to redevelop yourself and become a self-made millionaire through progressing in your marketing, you need to know money-making ideas whether online or in the marketplace. We will discuss and explain this topic in detail. The thoughts and abilities to present theories on running a business that leads to wealth production are called money-making ideas. Many people search for innovative money-making ideas to run their businesses. 

Nowadays, by taking the variety and the massiveness of the ideas for running a business, people don’t tend to copy previous and traditional ways and that is because the market is densely full of some business.

Consequently, coming up with new ideas for starting a business as your main or secondary job is extremely challenging and problematic. The ideas which suit people’s conditions and lifestyle are rare and besides, thinkers and entrepreneurs sometimes express suggestions without considering people’s conditions, so, running those ideas may not be workable at all.

Online business is one of the most profitable with high-income businesses and accordingly, many people are attracted to it and the likelihood of being successful in this kind of marketing is high. So, by learning relevant lessons at the end of this course, according to your specialization and the services you offer, you can run various online businesses with no significant funds.

Specialization of finding money-maker ideas

Being specialized in detecting the money-maker abilities and ideas is not coincidental, but requires adequate knowledge and information on this matter which provide you with the skills to find money-making ideas. You may have noticed people who become rich in a single price fluctuation in the market by appropriately investing in the right fields. Even though, you might not be pleased by their investment and also their effort might seem to be ridiculous. However, they have gained a lot of wealth by being armed with the necessary knowledge and investing after finding the right idea to start a business.


Milad Rabin talks about the ‘negative’ effect of cold weather on musicians

Cold seasons can seriously damage your body and have a devastating effect on your career – music. Of course, with the right planning, you can cope well with the cold winter weather and protect yourself from related diseases.

Cold weather is poison for readers! When the temperature drops, the risk of sore throat, dry throat, infection and nausea increases. So in the cold seasons, drink more water and when you go out, be sure to cover your mouth. If you do not use a mask for any reason, you can prevent cold air from entering your mouth with a scarf or shawl. In general, always try to breathe through your nose. By doing this, cleaner and warmer air passes through your vocal cords and enters your body. After all, when you move from a cold environment to a warmer environment and you want to have a physical activity, it is better to warm up and prepare your body. For example, when entering the studio or recording room from the outside, take a few minutes with the group to warm up and get your body ready before you can quickly sit behind the microphone and play the pieces as scheduled. Also keep in mind that heaters increase the ambient temperature and decrease the humidity; Therefore, it is usually recommended to use a humidifier next to the heater to maintain the humidity of the environment.

Winter can be both hard and easy. Be both violent and kind. Everything depends on you. You can turn winter into a season full of creativity and beauty. Use the simplest ways to increase productivity and enjoy life. Remember that good luck only comes to you once. So take full advantage of your opportunities by following these seemingly simple tips that we have written for you in this article.

Biography of Milad Rabin:

Milad Rabin, whose real name is Milad Akbari, is one of the oldest Iranian musicians who specializes in hip hop and rap. Milad was born on April 2, 1991. Many of Milad’s famous songs have been viewed by millions on world platforms.


Reza Goodary: There are only three ways to success, training, training and training.

Reza Goodary, the champion of karate, said: It is not fair that I raised my country’s flag in the biggest martial art events of the world so I can be blamed by those around me.

Reza Goodary A fighter of light heavyweight and lightweight Venum, which is mostly featured in leading Asian publications as the only Iranian with a title in karate, muay thai and Jujitsu, He was deeply moved by the jealousies and pessimism of those around him: In order to reach my goals, I sacrificed years away from home. On the advice of my coach Hamid Soltani, I followed the rule of training, training and more training to achieve my goals.

During the last 6 years living in Thailand, I could only come to Iran twice. The first time was due to the International Karate Tournament in Iran and the second time was because my mother passed away. There was no greater pain than not being with her at the time of her death, and I still grieve for the lost days. It is not fair to fight with all my heart to make my fans happy at the biggest martial arts events in the world, but to be blamed by those around me.

After completing his military service in the army, he immigrated to East Asia to study martial arts. “Unfortunately, some people are looking for a hassle-free result and want to go the way of several years overnight,” he said. It is not right to step on others to reach your goals. Living away from home has its own hardships.


Farzaneh Dehghani became the champion of the 2021 International European Tournament in Batumi

Farzaneh Dehghani in the 65-kg weight category competed against a Ukrainian opponent in the finals and was able to defeat her opponent in three two-minute rounds and advance to the first place.

Batumi hosts international wushu tournament

 The Georgian Open Wushu Open Tournament is being held in Batumi for the second time on September 6-10, organized by the Georgian National Wushu Federation. 200 sportsmen from 5 countries will take part in it.

 Tournament calendar

 6 -7 September Weights and Athletes Registration.

 The official opening ceremony will take place on September 8 at 1:00 p.m.

 8,9,10 September Battles.

 The tournament will be held at Batumi Sports Palace, Lado Asatiani # 26.

 The tournament will be held without spectators and all the regulations issued by the Ministry of Health are observed.

 Age categories in the 30 species of the show “Tao Lu”.

 Children 7-11 years

 Adults 12 -14 years

 Young people-15-17 years

 Seniors 18-35 years

 Veterans 36 years and older.

 Contact type “Sanda” type.  Age and weight categories.

 Boys & Girls:

 Sanda (age 18 to 40 years)

 48 kg, 52 kg, 56 kg, 60 kg, 65 kg, 70 kg, 75 kg, 80 kg, 85 kg, 90 kg, 90 kg +

 Recognitions of Wushu species:

 1) Recognized by the International Olympic Committee since 2002;  (IOC)

 2) World Anti-Doping Agency (WADA)

 3) International University Sports Federation (FISU)

 4) IOC Recognized International Sports Federation Association (ARISF)

 5) International Sports School Federation (ISF)

 6) World Games (IWGA)

 7) Global Association of International Sports Federations (GAISF)

 8) Sports card

 Wushu officially participates in the 2026 Youth Olympic Games in Dakar (Africa).

 The Georgian National Wushu Federation is recognized

 International Wushu Federation (IWUF)

 European Wushu Kung Fu Federation (EWUF)

 Georgian National Olympic Committee.

 Ministry of Culture, Sports and Youth of Georgia.

 The competition is supported by the Ministry of Culture, Sports and Youth Affairs of Georgia, the Ministry of Education, Culture and Sports of the Autonomous Republic of Adjara and the Embassy of China in Georgia.  Coca-Cola is the technical sponsor;  Mountain water;  Radio JAKO;  Tiens.


Bhupesh Bansal: Connecting the disconnected generation with Music

We’ve lost connections, not just because of this pandemic that made us distant, but also because we became very difficult to deal with, our brains being dull as we are on the anxiety swings. But what is the answer?

Bhupesh Bansal, a young musician says that Music is the answer.

Bhupesh is a musician from Punjab, who has been connecting people through his work for years now. He is also a digital artist and runs a recording studio.

Music has the power to change lives for the better, the day Bhupesh realized that he could pursue music professionally, his life changed.

When people ask kids who they want to become when they grow up, doctors, engineers are the cliche answers. One if says they want to make music at an early age, as Bhupesh did and then do grow up to make music, is the best life you can ever have.

He says, music to him was a far dream as he had no idea so he had to pursue other careers as such, as he does not have a family background in music. But everything changed when Bhupesh bought a guitar and learned to master it.

Bhupesh is releasing his new EP in early 2022, “it’s too early to disclose the date”, he jokes. More information about his upcoming EP and music is always on his Instagram.


Clubhouse launches ‘Wave,’ a new approach to pull friends into audio chats

After the feature was released last week, Clubhouse is officially launching a new approach to invite individuals to audio chats called “Wave.” The organization declared the news at an unexpected municipal center on Thursday and is empowering the element today for all clients on iOS and Android.

With Wave, you can welcome companions to a live audio room just by tapping a waving hand emoticon. When they accept their greeting, they can decide to join your call and promptly get added to an audio room. The organization’s blog clarifies in a bit more detail:

“To send a Wave, swipe right on the Hallway or tap the dots icon at the bottom left of the screen. Then tape the wave button next to the person you’d like to chat with. They’ll get a notification that you said hello, and know that you’re open to chatting. If they are too, they can join a private room with you — open just to the people you waved at. You can keep it to one social circle, introduce friends from different groups to each other, or open the room up more broadly and make it for everyone.”

On the off chance that somebody doesn’t promptly react, you can keep on utilizing Clubhouse as you typically would. The organization likewise says, to keep away from disarray, in the event that you have the application on behind the scenes, you will not quickly be maneuvered into a room on the off chance that somebody reacts.

Clubhouse appears to need to empower more causal, social, little minutes in its application, which actually has appeared to become related with professional, appointment-based experiences. The organization brought its application to Android in May and removed its waitlist in July, which implies there may be a greater number of individuals to nonchalantly converse with than when the application previously launched.


Apple TV+ apparently had under 20M subscribers in the US and Canada as of July

A union representing TV and film laborers says Apple pays discounted rates to production teams since it has nearly fewer subscribers than contending streaming services.

A representative for the International Alliance of Theatrical Stage Employees revealed to CNBC that Apple refered to Apple TV+ subscriber numbers of under 20 million individuals as of July 1. That statistic enables Apple to pay teams a lower rate than bigger platforms like Netflix and Disney.

As indicated by a current agreement, big-budget streaming productions can pay laborers at a discounted rate if their combined U.S. and Canada subscriber numbers are under a threshold of 20 million individuals, the report said. A copy of the agreement seen by CNBC uncovers labor stipulations for streaming productions are less rigid than those kept up with for conventional transmission TV projects since productivity in the sector is “presently uncertain.”

Apple doesn’t seem to have provided IATSE with an accurate subscriber number and the organization has not openly made that data accessible since Apple TV+ dispatched in late 2019. Assessments from Statista in May put overall figures at around 40 million toward the finish of 2020, with a larger part of clients exploiting Apple’s free trial offer.

It was in July that Apple slice its time for testing to 90 days, down from an entire year acquired through the purchase of a qualified gadget like iPhone. At that point, the year offer had been on the table for around 20 months following various extensions.

Investigators rarely speculate on Apple TV+, yet in June, J.P. Morgan said it anticipated that the service should hit 100 million subscribers by 2025.

By comparison, Disney+, which launched at around a similar time as Apple TV+, arrived at the 116 million subscriber mark in under two years. Market leader Netflix flaunts in excess of 200 million paying clients.

An Apple representative declined to comment on subscriber statistics, however noticed that it pays crew rates in accordance with significant streaming organizations, the report said.

IATSE is planning to strike for better wages and working conditions. Ballots to authorize the action will go out to 150,000 members on Oct. 1, as indicated by the report.


Carnival says cruise bookings for 2022 second-half above pre-pandemic levels

Carnival Corp said on Friday cruise bookings for the second half of 2022 were in front of pre-pandemic levels, in a sign the cruise operator expects a bounce back in business as it restarts voyages worldwide.

The cruise sector has been among those generally influenced by the pandemic as many boats moored at ports and secured seaward for quite a long time without travelers, constraining administrators to bring billions of dollars up under water to remain above water.

Some cruise fans are anticipating the resumption of more voyages from U.S. ports after the country’s wellbeing authorities gave the go-ahead recently for Carnival and its opponents to restart tasks.

Carnival said its voyages for the second from last quarter were income positive, adding that it anticipates that the trend should proceed.

Eight of the organization’s nine cruise line brands have continued sailings with travelers locally available, and it hopes for something else than a large portion of its complete armada ability to be open for visitors before the finish of October.

In any case, Carnival said its booking volumes for future travels during the second from last quarter were not as vigorous as the subsequent quarter because of the spread of the Delta variation of the Covid.

Opponent Norwegian Cruise Line said it saw an unobtrusive decline in net new reserving action in July following a flood in Covid-19 cases, while Royal Caribbean likewise hailed an unassuming hit to its appointments from the quick spreading variation.

Carnival expects its monthly average cash burn rate for the final quarter to be higher than the earlier quarters, as it readies its boats for voyages after over a year.

The organization, which announced a third-quarter adjusted deficiency of $1.99 billion, said its monthly average cash burn rate was $510 million during the revealed quarter.