Pavel Sheff, a global brand ambassador for Schwarzkopf Professional skilled in Russia, says that creating a blonde hair color that accentuates the assets of its owner is a real challenge for knowledgeable. He knows well what he is talking regarding. He has AN eye for color and is aware of the coloring techniques absolutely as a result of 1st and foremost he’s an internationally acclaimed painter. He became the first Russian winner of the yank hairdressing competition #OneShotHairAwards, and not only the audience won over by his work. This award is an Academy Award among hairstylists.

A celebrity hairstylist and an Instagram celebrity of the wonder trade, Pavel Sheff knows however to build hair dead blonde and keep it as healthy and powerful as his relationships with the shoppers. He is a good expert within the latter as a result of to be a decent stylist needs being good at scientific discipline, too, so they will very feel that hair color and magnificence is impeccably right for the shopper. Pavel Sheff has now over a million fans following his Instagram page and is presently the sole stylist in Russia to own such an oversized audience. Yandex provides more than three million search results for Pavel Sheff, and there is a lot of than one million to be found on Google. Besides that, you can study his career and life within the Russian Wikipedia.

Pavel Sheff’s excursion from a typical standard in a really local area to a cross country praised big name beautician and proprietor of his delightful studio in Moscow required just more than twelve years. It is difficult to educate if that is a spot or loads because each progression has been basic and drawing in, and Pavel has never thought back and expected to change one issue in his life. “Everything happens precisely the methods it ought to”, he says, “and sooner or later”. Pavel Sheff has set the Guinness World Record for the longest-lasting online workshop, organized by Henkel. “It is a great honor on behalf of me to be a neighborhood of the planet record and history with a worldwide complete,” Pavel admits. After graduating with honors from the Central pedagogical Institute, Sheff was awarded the qualification “Hairdresser of the fourth category”.

Yet another major accomplishment of Pavel Sheff’s work is that the collaboration with the Tangle Teezer world complete – the producer of the foremost widespread hairbrushes within the world. Sean Palfrey, the founder of the brand, has visited Pavel in his beautiful studio in the Russian capital to get in-person acquainted. Shortly afterward a limited-edition assortment of Pavel Sheff’s hairbrushes in collaboration with Tangle Teezer has been discharged.

Pavel is incredibly active on his Instagram account where he shares proficient recommendation with unfailing regularity. however since Pavel extremely cares for his audience, he uploads loads of mirthful content regarding hair and its householders likewise – these posts instantly go agent and become very fashionable with the audience. Another Pavel Sheff”s undeniable advantage is his mild approach to hair care. “I am very tightened once it comes to selecting hair coloring product. It is crucially important to the American state that the results of my work area unit clear and predictable beforehand and totally satisfying for my purchasers. I only use coloring product of my favorite Schwarzkopf Professional skilled whole that will facilitate accomplish the required shade and at a similar time will even improve the condition of the hair compared to what it had been like before the coloring,” says Sheff .

Pavel surely has no designs to stop at what has been refined and he will undoubtedly arrive at new statures and make incredible progress in his future.