Joshua J. Anderson Shares His Success Story: What Can We Learn?

Joshua J. Anderson Shares His Success Story: What Can We Learn?

From poker to real estate and everything in-between, cars or technology, Joshua had something for everyone and the insights provided from those experiences may help some and may be frowned upon by others.

Growing up in a middle-class family, Joshua Anderson was a kid with big dreams and hopes for his future. Having no fancy cars or expensive houses, as a kid, he was fascinated by exotic cars and big houses. There was a time when his friend’s parents had a Benz and a BMW and he was in awe over it when he’d see them.

It all started when his mother kicked him out when he was 13, telling him he’d never been anything but a failure and it was at that moment that he decided he wouldn’t stop for anything. From getting evicted from a rental apartment to living in an $18,000/mo apartment and flying private around the country; Joshua’s life is a thrill rollercoaster ride of ups and downs.

Consistency & Taking Risks

A never-give-up attitude is crucial to success. There are times when a person feels disappointed and just wants to give up. Joshua explains that the biggest challenge he faced when starting up his new business was instability, especially when your livelihood depends on its success.

Without taking risks, there is no reward. High risk, high reward, is always an exhilarating process consisting of long hours and sweaty situations. That’s also what makes starting a business fun; nothing is fun if it’s easy.


Without having a team of like-minded people, there is a very low chance to succeed. A team is very crucial to uplift a company’s growth, as it’s never a one-man job. Team-building is difficult because you need to find like-minded people that you work well with but at the same time, they need to all carry their own strengths.

Everyone needs to be different, with an entirely different mindset but the same ambitions. If everyone does the same thing well then you’ll be a one-trick pony that won’t be capable of getting much further than the starting point.

Getting Through Hardships

The one thing that limits a person ability to get through hardships is self-doubt, the urge to give up because you stop believing. As long as you know you’re capable of achieving your goal, there’s no reason to give up on the target. Even though you may be beaten down, several times, in the process, as long as you continue pushing forward you’ll eventually succeed.

Joshua Explains: “When you grow up with adversity you understand that regardless of how difficult times maybe, there’s always a light at the end of the tunnel somewhere — anything can be overcome with an adequate amount of persistence as long as you don’t lose focus.”