Pax launches web application in the wake of getting booted from the Apple App Store

Pax is propelling a web application today equipped for controlling its arrangement of associated weed vapes. The launch comes a half year after Pax’s application was prohibited from the Apple App Store when Apple chose to get serious about vaping applications amid across the nation worries over vaping-related lung wounds. The application stayed accessible on Android, however, the boycott implied iOS clients were stuck without an approach to control a considerable lot of the settings on their extravagant vapes.

Like its mobile application, Pax’s web application permits clients to dial in explicit vaping inclinations and security settings, as well as observe more data about the cartridge they’re at present vaping. A few settings, similar to temperature, can be controlled directly on Pax’s vapes, yet proprietors need access to the application to set dosing limits or view detailed data about what’s inside their present cartridge. The application additionally permits proprietors to lock the use of their gadget and control settings like haptic feedback and splendor of feedback LEDs.

The web application supports the Pax 3, Pax Era, and Pax Era Pro on Mac. On Windows, it just completely supports the Era Pro at present. The web application doesn’t deal with mobile — so iPhone clients despite everything don’t have an approach to control their vapes legitimately from their phone — yet insofar as Pax proprietors have a desktop computer, they’ll currently have the option to make changes. The absence of a path for iOS clients to control the smart vapes represented a significant disadvantage for Pax, which attempted to make its products stand apart with customizable preferences and security controls. Its most up to date model, the Era Pro, sells for $70.

Apple didn’t react to a request for comment.