How to make a difference in streetwear niche – with Drip Creationz

How to make a difference in streetwear niche – with Drip Creationz

What makes Drip Creationz different from other luxury streetwear niche brands as yours?

Our branding and presence definitely sets us apart, but the most unique part of what we do is how we customize our shoes. We’ve spent years trying to figure out the best way to get our designs on our shoes at a massive scale. It was an extremely hard thing to do but we managed to engineer how to transfer and plant creativity to the world’s most popular shoes, something that not many shoe creators can do.

How Drip Creationz Became an 8-Figure Fashion Brand ?

There is no doubt that the entire fashion industry is extremely competitive, and therefore surviving and growing in such a tough situation is not easy. However, the company has been able to weather some of the toughest competition and has been able to register impressive growth. At the root of all this is that Drip Creationz has more than 100,000 happy customers. They also have more than 1M followers on Instagram. They also have been successfully working with some famous social media influencers like Logan Paul, Jake Paul, Sommer Ray, and Tana Mongeau. It also has a few other notable names like Jenna Dewan, Ruby Rose, Greg Sulkin, and McKenna Grace in their list of social media influencers. There are a few more reasons for Drip being able to reach the coveted 8-figure mark. The team of Drip consists of over 30 people.

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