Petrol Price Today Over Rs 100 a liter in 11 States. Know Latest Fuel Rates

Petrol Price Today Over Rs 100 a liter in 11 States. Know Latest Fuel Rates

Petrol and diesel costs stay unaltered today. Fuel costs the country over keep on holding their exorbitant cost level for the two days straight. June 29, saw a vertical tick in the costs across many significant urban communities including Mumbai, Bangalore, Delhi, Chennai and Kolkata. According to the new pattern in the rising costs, the rate for fuel has been on a consistent yet radical development since the start of the COVID-19 pandemic.

Mumbai keeps on driving as one of the greatest costing metro urban areas at fuel costs among the previously mentioned five urban communities. The cost of petrol in Mumbai as of now keeps up with its remain at Rs 104.90 per liter, while the cost for diesel is Rs 96.72 per liter, which address a money related increment of 34 paise and 30 paise individually. Coming in at close second is the beginning up center of India, Bangalore, which holds consistent with its cost of Rs 102.11 per liter of petroleum and Rs 94.54 per liter of diesel with an.

Chennai has additionally kept up with its vertical increment from the earlier day of Rs 99.80 per liter of petroleum while diesel stays at Rs 94.54 per liter. Chennai is as yet standing out of urban areas verging on the triple-digit mark.

Following Chennai are the urban communities of Kolkata and Delhi, with the Kolkata proceeding to prevail over Delhi for the best position with previous days sharp increment. As Kolkata keeps up with its value ascent of 34 paise and 28 paise for petrol and diesel separately, this carries the general cost of petroleum to Rs 98.64 per liter and the cost of diesel to Rs 92.03 per liter. Delhi then again stays the least expensive of the five referenced significant urban communities, generally talking. The cost of petrol in Delhi remains at Rs 98.81 per liter and the cost of diesel additionally holds consistent at Rs 89.18 per liter for the second continuous day.

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