RealLink: The Better Cryptocurrency of Next Generation

RealLink: The Better Cryptocurrency of Next Generation

We live in a rapidly changing world. There is no doubt that blockchain technology will bring profound changes to people’s daily life. It is going to be applied in every industry and connect them all. At present, the research and development of blockchain has already became a national strategy in many countries. Hence RealLink was born in this times.   

RealLink rebuilds tipping culture on the internet. It is considered the better cryptocurrency of next generation. RealLink is the first cryptocurrency that has value and price as well. RealLink also ranks first by number of users who apply in real transaction. RealLink upholds “green cryptocurrency, link is mining” and it is the first cryptocurrency that makes “green cryptocurrency” come true. RealLink mining will not cause damage of your devices and it totally observes the guidelines for developers made by App Store and Google Play Store. The perfect fusion of RealLink and decentralized APPs is seen as a major landmark in that cryptocurrency is popularized in the world.   

Every RealLink comes from quality content produced by creators and time they contribute. And it also is related to currency sent by fans. Meanwhile, products that joined  RealLink project have strong desire to purchase RealLink in exchanges and make sure RealLink strengthened steadily in order to ensure that their products’ content ecosystem will keep a sustainable development.

FaceCast APP has over 10 million active users and has joined RealLink project. It is the first cryptocurrency that combines with APPs. And it is different from dogecoin and bitcoin. Those cryptocurrency only got numerous holders who can’t apply them in real transactions.

 RealLink is a new green cryptocurerncy, aims at building pan-entertainment ecosystem and stimulates creators create good contents for RealLink ecosystem. Anyone who joins in and contributes to this ecosystem will get reward. Creators create content to mine. Content consumers consume content to mine. Entertainment is mining. 

RealLink is open to several products at begging, and it gets social entertainment products involved including FaceCast. At present, you can download and use FaceCast to mine.

For now you can get RealLink rewarded in this app in these two ways. The first way is to broadcast to receive gifts from users as a streamer. The second way is to send gifts to streamers and when the gift revenue increases to a certain amount, the RealLink will be released and all users are able to gain at random in live room.

Specifically, when gift revenue increases to a certain amount of dollars in the APP, it will trigger a treasure box. And the treasure box will appear in the live room where gift revenue account for the most of total gifts sent. All users can tap the treasure box to get RealLink from it. Besides, the RealLink in one treasure box will be divided into a certain amount of shares. And all users watching broadcast are able to gain at random. All RealLink mined will be distributed to all users and streamers at random. Significantly, all mining records’ signature will be stored in blockchain.

RealLink starts with the great new idea of “social interaction is mining and link is mining”, connects with pan-entertainment industry in the world and aims at forming a pan-entertainment ecosystem connecting each other in the world. RealLink provides a solid foundation for various pan-entertainment businesses. At present, it is open to social entertainment products at begging, and the target will gradually get multicultural pan-entertainment products involved, such as games, literature, film and television, animation, and derivatives. From the initial independent development, it gradually moves to the stage of product linkage, mutual integration and development and sharing the economic benefits of the entire industry, forming an business cluster effect and creating huge economic benefits.