Picking the Right Bathroom Fixtures for the Desired Results

Picking the Right Bathroom Fixtures for the Desired Results

When considering the bathroom, remember to consider all your plumbing fixtures and other features. Nothing says more about space than a luxury bathroom and anything you can do to make it more enjoyable in the long run. Don’t just spend money when there are many different ways to create the bathroom space you have always wanted, something as basic as picking out a showerhead or faucet to installing elaborate mosaics on walls and floors. The endless possibilities allow you to explore more and choose better. Hence, instead of increasing your budget, think about optimizing your experience through efficient choices. Here are some suggestions in this context.

Options of shower fixtures

The body sprayers, rain showerheads, and dual showerheads are a fun and entertaining way to add luxury to your bathroom. Have you ever stood underneath a waterfall? You can with the use of the rain shower head. And anyone can benefit from these fixtures, including the special someone in your life. So why don’t you introduce them to your bathroom ambiance? The variety is unlimited, especially when you look at the various platforms that offer different products. These include traditional wall units and handheld versions for maximum convenience. Choose the best that suits you. It can also allow you to explore and find out more about which parts work best for your everyday needs and how they will affect the overall outcome.

So, essentially, you can select a wall-mount shower unit, which happens to be optimally functional but basic. These don’t come with any frills. Handheld options are slightly improved versions, allowing you to control the shower spray speed – soft or strong. With rain showers, you can have a sense of indulgence. As mentioned, showering under this unit will feel like enjoying a waterfall. Lastly, you have shower body sprays that consist of smaller showerheads that punctuate the walls at strategic locations. You get them in a set of 2 to 4, which can sit on the same or parallel walls. Usually, this includes a standard showerhead along with smaller body jets.

Bathroom sinks

Again, you have plenty to choose from a small vessel sink to under-mount models. Some believe that vessel sinks are more suitable for tiny spaces or guest bathrooms because they can be the focal point. Larger areas can benefit from under-mount variety. Regardless of what you choose and where, pairing them with the stylish faucet can be a design statement. For example, waterfall faucets with glass vessel sinks can look incredibly mesmerizing. The under-mount sinks match well with arched designs. Since there is no short supply of varieties, your focus has to be on functionality. Aesthetics can be easy to ensure.

A few designers think that pedestal sinks are also a good choice, but you may not want to add them in a small space, especially if you could use the same area for storage by installing a vanity.

Nevertheless, sink material can be another exciting thing to contemplate. Although porcelain ceramic is one of the most common surfaces, you can also opt for glass to add a dramatic touch. In glass base, you can find solid colors and transparent designs. You can select anything based on the décor and your personality.

Sink faucets

Modern faucets are functional and attractive. They come with high-end features, such as internal ceramic disks that prevent the issue of leaks and also require easy repair if something goes wrong. But with them, you don’t have to worry about it for a longer duration. Besides that, they come in many shapes and sizes to suit vessel, under-mount, and other sink designs. Some tend to be single handles, while others feature two handles. Even the single handles can have unique shapes and highlights to create the impact you need in your bathroom décor.


Experts recommend installing 16-18 inch taller toilets for comfort. These may not be suitable for kids, though. The standard sizes of 14-15 can be better in that case. But higher ones can also be easy for people who use wheelchairs or seniors with any mobility issues. Still, many factors require proper analysis before you select something. You can get your choice for a few hundred or thousand dollars. If you opt for a luxe design with technological sophistication, pricing will be premium. For example, sensor lights, automatic flushing, automatic seat, and other such features can drive up the prices. After the pandemic, these toilets have become especially popular for providing higher hygiene.


Backsplash tiles work like jewels for the bathroom walls. They allow you to add personal flair while updating a room through your chosen palette. Your tiles can alter the overall appearance by almost 10% based on how you lay them. Options like highly reflective glass, metallic mosaics, and uniquely shaped ceramics (like hexagonal and octagonal) will spark imagination in any room and help create the space you’ve always wanted.

Energy-efficient lighting

You can find these bulbs easily; however, you must focus on three attributes – color temperature, color rendering index (CRI), and energy star. A light bulb with 2700 degrees Kelvin or above can be the right pick because natural light usually falls at 2700 to 3000 degrees. That means you will aim for something familiar to blend well with your home’s other lighting fixtures. On the other side, the CRI rating measures the ability of bulbs to reproduce a range of colors accurately. In other words, it shows how accurate or how much the bulb is like daylight which generally has a CRI of 100. So if you put an incandescent lamp with a low CRI next to a high CRI bulb, it would look bluer or less natural. Experts say a lightbulb with at least an 80 CRI can be right. Similarly, the energy star rating shows its durability and CRI strength.

These technicalities can feel like too much, but don’t look at them as such. Every feature influences bathroom décor in its way. Hence, you must assess them from every side. Where you cannot decide, take your designer’s input by explaining your requirement.